Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks: Review and #Giveaway (2 winners; ends 7/30) #firetruckdvd

FireTrucks Giveaway-400

What is it that fascinates kids so about fire trucks and firefighters? Being a former little girl, I was more interested in Barbies and baby dolls than trucks and fires; but as the mom of four boys, I know that many little boys love anything to do with firefighters. My … Continue reading

The Cascade Preppers by A.R. Shaw – Book Review

the cascade preppers tour banner

  Virtual Book Tour Dates: 7/9/14 – 7/23/14 Genres: Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, SciFi Series: Graham’s Resolution, Book 2 Tour Promo Price: $.99 Countdown Deal: 7/10/14 – 7/17/14     Blurb: What the world dreads most has already happened. Now, there is only survival. In her dystopian and post-apocalyptic bestselling novel, The … Continue reading

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