#DiscoverWithDrCool: Ultimate Dinosaur Dig Kit #Review (& code for a FREE product w/ purchase!)


I’m going to tell you right up front – if you have a kid who’s into dinosaurs (and at least six years old, although a slightly younger child might also enjoy this kit with proper supervision), or who’s interested in archeology, you’re going to want to get this kit. It’s … Continue reading

Triple #USBCarCharger #Review & #Giveaway (ends 9/21)


When you’re traveling with the family, you soon discover that there’s no such thing as enough power outlets in the vehicle for everyone’s devices. We have six people in our family, and five of the six have various accouterments that require regular charging – smartphones, mp3 players, tablet computers, cameras, … Continue reading

Don’t Lose It – Label It! #Kidecals #Review & #Giveaway! (ends 9/29)


Now that the kids are back to school, they may have already started misplacing some of their belongings – lunchboxes, binders, water bottles, hats, jackets – and hoping that those items make their way to the school’s lost & found. One great way of making sure your children’s belongings find … Continue reading

#PriorityChef Julienne Peeler #Review (& An Easy Julienned Veggies #Recipe)


Sometimes it can be a real trick to get your kids to eat their vegetables. There are a lot of ways to hide veggies in “normal” food (“normal” = not made of vegetables, at least according to my husband and 13-year-old son). Usually those sneaky tactics involve shredding up veggies … Continue reading

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