Relieve Your Pain Naturally with Zim’s #MaxFreeze: #Review & #Giveaway (ends 3/17)


  The older I get, the more aches and pains arrive to keep me company. I experience pretty frequent backaches, from my lower back all the way up into my neck and shoulders. Zim’s Max-Freeze is a topical muscle & joint pain reliever that can help temporarily soothe those aches … Continue reading

#CapMundo Nespresso Yrgacheffe #Review & #Giveaway (ends 3/04)


If you have a Nespresso brewer, you know how expensive the capsules can be. Good news, though – Cap’Mundo offers a variety of reasonably priced ($0.50/capsule) Nespresso-compatible coffees! I was sent a box of Cap’Mundo Yrgacheffe Espresso to try, and the flavor profile is quite intriguing! The packaging describes the … Continue reading

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