Make Perfect Burger Patties With the Yumms Burger Press! #Review & 20% Discount Code

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We’re a family of six here at Dividing by Zero – myself, my husband, and our four sons. I’m pretty sure I don’t even remember how to cook in small batches – it’s like cooking for an army, especially since two of the four boys are growing teenagers! But I do have to admit I was a little skeptical when I was sent the Yumms! Burger Press to review. I’ve been making hamburgers for decades, and I’m pretty good at smooshing out circles with my hands. It’s messy, yeah, but it doesn’t take *that* long, and hands wash. But the next time I made burgers for the family, I gave it a try, and now I’m a believer!


It took me less than two minutes to press over three pounds of burger into patties – that’s six full-size patties plus one little baby patty at the end (perfect for my toddler). I could easily cut that to under a minute if I hadn’t been taking pictures, and if I’d set up the burger – press – plate assembly line style. I’ve never timed myself when making hamburger patties before, but I know this was MUCH faster. And neater. Even with the need to wipe down the pieces of the press afterward, clean-up time was faster, because there was much less “burger muck” on my hands. And the burger doesn’t stick to the press, so cleaning that was a breeze. (It’s even dishwasher safe, if you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher!)


The Yumms! Burger Press is a three-piece system that’s made from thick, durable, BPA-free plastic. To use it, you place the main base on a firm surface and then put the hamburger lifter in place. Add the burger, then use the hamburger press lid to apply pressure. You don’t have to struggle to get the burger patty out of the press, because you just lift the hamburger lifter section and slide the burger right off. (And there’s a non-stick coating on the plastic, which keeps your burgers from falling apart and also makes the press very easy to clean).


You can make patties from ¼ to ½ inch thick, depending on how much meat you put in the press and how much pressure you apply. And it’s not just for hamburgers – you can use this press to press out sausage patties and crab cakes too! In fact, I’m planning to use it the next time I make grilled tuna burgers (click for recipe) – they’re very tasty, but very VERY messy to press out because there are so many ingredients in them. I think the Yumms! Burger Press will make short (and neater) work of a formerly messy job! And for anyone who does summer grill parties, I think this burger press is a must-have!


Another benefit: all the patties are the same size, so that will cut down on arguments between the teenagers about who got the bigger hamburger. And because the patties are a consistent thickness throughout, they’ll cook more evenly. My hand-pressed patties always tend to taper down towards the edges; the Yumms! Burger Press creates thick hamburger-steak style patties with defined edges.


The Yumms! Burger Press is available on Amazon (Prime eligible) for $24.95 at the time of this posting. Yumms! Offers a 100% Satisfaction Lifetime Guarantee on their burger press. And they’re also offering you a 20% discount off your purchase of a burger press when you use coupon code PRESS222!

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  1. This would be very convenient for grilling hamburger sliders

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