VacuPractor – an Easy, Safe, & Affordable #LowerBackFix #Review

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Of all the maladies associated with getting older, it’s the lower back pain that’s the most aggravating to me. I threw my back out for the first time at the age of 18 (I leaned down to roll up my car window), and getting older hasn’t improved the situation. But with four kids (including a 35-pound toddler), I can’t just lie down and wait for my back to feel better. So when I heard about the VacuPractor, I was very interested in trying it out!


The VacuPractor Back Pain Relief Device is a patented FDA-registered orthopedic device that provides spinal decompression and traction to help relieve your lower back pain. What makes this different from other types of traction devices (which have given me a lot of relief in the past) is that not only can doctors use it to help you when you visit them, but you can use this device at home! See why I was so keen to try it?

Testing has shown that 95% of people who try the VacuPractor get relief from lower back pain in literally minutes. It gently decompresses the spine using vacuum pressure and leverage to increase clearances between vertebrae in the lumbar region, and stretches the surrounding muscles – and it works on any flat, firm surface. There are a couple of tricks to using it properly, though (but don’t worry, it’s simple as long as you can follow directions!)


You need to be able to create a good vacuum seal between your back and the VacuPractor, so the first step is to thoroughly wet the surface of the VacuPractor (which is made of thick plastic). You can wipe it down with a damp cloth, or spray it with a squirt bottle, or do what I did, which is to stick it in the bathtub and let warm water not only dampen it but also warm it up so the chill wouldn’t be a shock against my bare back.

You have to make sure you position yourself properly for it to work properly. The curvy part is the top, and the part with a flat edge is the bottom. You put the VacuPractor on the floor and then lie down so that the widest part of the VacuPractor is in line with the narrowest part of your back – the bottom should extend past the base of your spine. You relax for 30 seconds, and then raise your legs one at a time (bent at the knee) until the small of your back is in contact with the VacuPractor. Raising your shoulders at the same time also helps to “press” your lower back into the VacuPractor – basically what you’re doing is expelling the air that’s trapped between your lower back and the VacuPractor. Then you lower your feet flat to the floor and you should feel the suction on your lower back. You can stay with your knees bent, or you can try the “advanced” version where you slide your feet away from you until your legs are flat. This increases the stretching sensation, but it’s also more challenging to maintain the vacuum seal effect as you move your legs. Either way, once your feet are on the floor, you just hang out on the VacuPractor for 5-15 minutes, and then raise your knees and gently roll off of it to release the vacuum.


I found this really easy to use – the hardest part for me was getting down to the floor to lie on top of it (since my lower back was sore at the time). I wasn’t able to fully straighten my legs without losing the vacuum, but was able to maintain it as long as I kept my knees slightly bent. And it really did relieve some of the “pressure” feeling in my lower back – after about 15 minutes, I got up and the pain, while not entirely gone, was reduced quite a lot.


Unfortunately, I only got to try the VacuPractor one time myself, as a few days after my first use I wound up pinching a nerve in my lower back that led to some excruciating sciatica pain. The VacuPractor isn’t meant to relieve that level of pain – besides which, there was (and still is) no way that I could get into the proper position to use it (the sciatica pain extends from my lower back all the way down my left leg to my ankle). However, my 18-year-old son has apparently inherited my back issues (sorry, Jayson!) so I was able to let him be my tester for further review purposes.

Jayson’s experience with the VacuPractor has been very positive. He’s used it about once a week for the past month, and says his lower back feels much “looser” – the muscles aren’t as tight, and therefore his lower back doesn’t feel stiff and painful like it usually does. He was even able to help haul a big heavy couch out to the curb for trash pickup without aggravating his lower back – as he puts it, when it feels better to start with, things that would normally make his back pain flare up don’t cause any pain anymore!


I am REALLY looking forward to being able to get some use out of the VacuPractor myself once my pain lessens to a reasonable level. I’m hopeful that with regular use, I can prevent any future sciatica flare-ups!

The VacuPractor (which has a 90-day money-back guarantee) can be purchased on Amazon for $59.99.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. Sounds like something I could use. I had never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing your review.

  2. Want to try it- now that I’m 45, pretty much EVERYTHING hurts sometimes, in new and surprising ways!

  3. Wow, this sounds great. My lower back has been giving me problems for years. I’m going to look into getting one of these

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