Unistyle Wood Bead Bracelet #Review

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From the Amazon Listing:
Unistyle Jewelry Colorful Wood Bracelet Link Wrist Necklace Tibetan Buddhist Beads Prayer Mala

  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Multicolor.
  • Width: 0.2″(6mm).
  • Length: 20 inches or 40 inches
  • Beads Quantity:108 or 216 Beads.


My Review:
This is a very pretty set of multicolored beads that can easily be worn as either a bracelet or a necklace. I have a bit of a “hippie” style to the way I dress, and these beads match my style perfectly. The earth tone colors (brown, black, white, green, and red) are lovely, and I especially like that the green beads in particular have some shade variations on each individual bead rather than being a flat green. I ordered the longer (40 inch) string of beads, which for me makes a bracelet that wraps around my wrist five or six times comfortably, or a necklace that can be looped twice or just left as one longer single strand.


The beads are tightly strung along a stretchy black cord – there’s no gapping between the beads unless you stretch out the cord a little. There’s one larger bead where the cord is tied close, with a spacer bead and a silver “stopper” and then a few more small beads that dangle from the very ends. (The bracelet I received had three beads at the ends rather than the five pictured). The bracelet arrived in a nice black box with gold printing on the outside and padded foam inside to protect the bracelet and keep it from rattling around. At the current listed price, this is a great deal for either a personal purchase or to buy as a gift for anyone with an “earthy” style.


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