Throwback Thursday 9/25/2014

August 2013: My son Braeden at the fair. Braeden is primarily nonverbal, but he does have some limited vocabulary to express specific wants and needs. (If you’re unfamiliar with autism, his speech is comparable to a toddler’s in both usage and intelligibility).

But despite his limited speech, he was VERY clearly able to express his desire to go on the carousel… over and over and over again…


As it turns out, he has a HUGE love of horses in general – he has a plastic toy horse that has a place of honor in the living room, and he chose a stuffed horse as one of his birthday presents. He got the chance to ride a real live horse on his school field trip last spring and absolutely LOVED it. We’re hoping to find a therapeutic riding program close to our house this coming spring.

8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday 9/25/2014

  1. This looks like he is having fun.

  2. How cute! A therapeutic riding program would probably be very valuable. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks, Margaret. It’s not always easy, but raising kids in general isn’t easy. I think the biggest hurdle as a parent of a special needs child is readjusting your expectations for your child, and trying to see the world through their eyes and get an understanding of where they’re coming from. Also, patience! (But that’s also true of parenting any child).

  4. What a great pic! – Jennifer Rote

  5. awww how cute what a cute picture

  6. OMG he looks so adorable! I love seeing sheer joy in a child’s eyes like that! I hope that you do find a riding program for him – he would be over the moon if he could ride horses!

  7. cute son! that’s a really great picture!

  8. My brother doesn’t have autism but he has a serious speech impairment. When he was young, he didn’t actually talk until 6 years old and then not good.

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