Throwback Thursday 8/21/2014

I’m pretty sure this picture was taken exactly 36 years ago today, on my 2nd birthday back on August 21, 1978. I’m not 100% sure, but I *look* about 2 years old in this picture, and I remember that I had a Mickey Mouse cake for my third birthday. I wish I were still allowed to dig into my birthday cake like that! This picture was taken in the best kitchen in the entire world – my Grandma Snyder’s kitchen. She passed away shortly after I turned 8, but I have many fond memories of spending time with grandma in her kitchen.


6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday 8/21/2014

  1. Aaww what a cute pic. Thank you for sharing your pic with us.

  2. Cute picture and why aren’t you allowed to dig in to your cake anymore. If you want to go ahead. Now days you would be the one cleaning up the mess so it is your choice!! Do it, I dare you. I may on my next birthday now that I think of it. I’ll be 54 so I can do whatever I want!!!!

  3. awwww! I <3 this pic! Isn't it the truth that our Grandmothers kitchens ARE the BEST kitchens in the entire planet! Happy Birthday to you honey! I hope it is the absolute best one ever!

  4. I always marvel at these pics. My parents would have never allowed it. I live through others’ fun pics though!

    • Interesting fact: I actually only got to celebrate a handful of birthdays as a kid (three that I can remember, plus this one) – my mom followed Jehovah’s Witness teachings for most of my childhood. So the birthdays that I did get to celebrate were extra special!

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