Throwback Thursday 7/31/2014

Tara-Age31979 or possibly 1980 – I was three years old in this picture. I LOVED that dress.

And here’s my son Braeden when he was 3 (in 2008). One guess as to which parent he resembles.


8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday 7/31/2014

  1. You were very cute and so is your son!

  2. He sure has your smile. I think I had a dress like yours a long time ago.

    slehan at juno dot com

  3. What a cute kid you were and your son looks just like you. Isn’t it funny how time flies? Don’t blink because soon your 3 year old grandson or granddaughter will be in pictures.

    • Gah – don’t jinx me! My oldest is 18, and I’ve given him “the talk” (and possibly some threats as well) several times over the years to make sure he has his college degree in hand (or is well established in his chosen career) BEFORE he has babies!

  4. Your little guy is so cute. You were too and I’m sure you still are. My photo in 1979 would have been my high school senior picture. You made me feel a little old but that’s ok! (-:

    • Thanks, and sorry! It makes me feel old when people who were born the year I graduated from high school (1994) are planning their college graduation open houses for next summer!

  5. i love the old photos. reminds me of the ones i have when i was younger. i love the couch you are sitting on.

  6. I love the cute dress you have on and he looks so much like you!

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