Throwback Thursday 10/16/2014

Today’s Throwback Thursday is only two years old. My husband and I celebrated our second anniversary on Saturday – we got married on 10/11/12. (Which means he can never forget our anniversary – plus we also share our anniversary month and day with my husband’s brother and his wife, just nine years later).
Our formal wedding pictures show everything calm, happy, organized… and quiet. (They also show why we had to abandon our original plan of getting married at the pavilion overlooking the local lake and relocate to my mother-in-law’s living room at the last minute).
But the thing is, prior to that day, I was a previously married mom of three boys. My husband was a never-married childless confirmed bachelor. (Gotta give him credit for making it all the way to the age of 36 before he got caught!) And the candid shots show what the day was REALLY like (hint: NOT so much on the quiet and calm!)
Braeden was just NOT interested in having his picture taken that day. (Which has pretty much been par for the course since he was about five).

But sometimes those candid shots can capture great moments:
And two years later, it’s still not quiet, still not calm… but we’re happy nonetheless (when the kids let us sleep, that is!)

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday 10/16/2014

  1. This looks like a lovely wedding. Great date, too.

  2. Sometimes a special date is even more special because it is shared. My birthday happens to be my mother-in-law’s birthday and also their wedding anniversary. No way can we forget it.

  3. Happy Anniversary a little bit late. We celebrate our 27th on the 24th of Oct. We have been together now 31 years. It is awesome when you find the right one.

  4. Happy Anniversary and you guys are adorable!

  5. Happy Anniversary!


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