Throwback Thursday 10/02/2014

October 2001 – just 13 short years ago, but wow, what a difference that seemingly short time made in this young man! From an adorable five-year-old to a legal adult! (Still just as cute, though!


13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday 10/02/2014

  1. This is a cute photo. His sweater looks swiss.

  2. So cute and yes….time goes at warp speed

  3. future newspaper birthday wishes photo!

  4. I have a picture of my 2 year old hanging on my bedroom wall…she is now 16 and in grade 11…where did it go?

  5. Proud Mama Moment! Congrats!

  6. Cutie! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Very cute picture.

  8. awww how cute

  9. he is so adorable and yet time does go bye fast

  10. 13 short years is right. Time flies so fast

  11. So cute – such a beautiful smile!

  12. He is just too adorable.

  13. They grow up too darn fast! My oldest is 29 today.

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