Techege Toys Beginner Train Set #Review

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From the Amazon Listing:
Techege Toys Beginner Train Set Great First Train Set Safe Easy To Set Up Battery Powered Simple Fun Kids

  • Easy to assemble!
  • Train makes realistic sounds and has a fun light!
  • Great first train set, simple, colorful, safe!
  • Safe, exciting, fun!
  • AA batteries required

Techege Toys Beginner Train Set is ideal for any child! Safe and easy to assemble pieces click together and create a fun exciting round track for the colorful train to run on. The bright colors will stimulate young minds and help increase their imaginations potential! Mom and Dad be warned: fun, lasting memories with the Beginner Train Set are just around the corner!. 2 AA batteries required for train operation.


My Review:

My two-year-old son LOVES this train set! He’s a big fan of trains in general, but a little too young (and destructive) for a standard train set. This beginner train and tracks is perfect for a train-obsessed toddler. This set comes with 12 pieces of track, four little ramp-thingies to support the raised sections of track, a battery-powered train, and some stickers (which I chose to leave off, since my son would just peel them off and stick them to the wall anyway).


There are no instructions included, but you really don’t need any – even with “help” from my little guy, it took under five minutes to set the track up and have the train making laps. (Using the picture on the box as a guide to which pieces of track go where is the key). The pieces each have tabs to connect them to the next section, although they don’t “lock” in place, and the ramps serve a dual purpose of both supporting the raised sections of track and holding those pieces of track together. The train takes two AA batteries, and the battery compartment is secured with a screw. (Note: there’s no gasket inside the battery door to hold the screw in place once you’ve loosened it, so be sure you don’t drop that teensy little screw when installing the batteries!) The train has a simple on/off switch, but sadly no volume control. Oh well, the owner of this particular train is the youngest of four boys, so it’s not like my house was calm and peaceful to start with! Once you turn the train on, it makes some impressively loud train sounds, the light on the front flashes, and the wheels spin to pull it around the track. It stays on the track perfectly, even around the curves and up and down the hills – until your toddler derails it. It can be a little bit tricky to get the wheels lined up with the edges of the track, so mom or dad will probably have to be in charge of putting the train to rights every time your little engineer takes it off-roading.

All in all, I’d definitely recommend this beginner train set for any kiddo who’s fascinated by trains – my son even set the iPad aside to play with this train set, so you know it’s a winner!


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