Child Safety Locks #Review

From the Amazon Listing: Child Safety Locks – Babyproof Cabinets, Drawers, Appliances, Toilets Without Tools (6 Pack, Black) MULTIPLE USES, ONE LOCK – Securely shut your cabinets, drawers, appliances, toilets, trash cans, windows, pet food containers & more. Keep your little ones away from all the dangers in your home. … Continue reading

Cleaning Cheats: If It #SmellsClean, It’s Close Enough to For-Real Clean… Right?

I have a confession to make. Sometimes – not always, but sometimes – I cheat at cleaning. And that includes cleaning the kids. There was one morning not too long ago that I realized my 9-year-old son’s clothing smelled a little… musty. And it was two minutes until the bus … Continue reading

Guest Post and $50 Amazon GC #Giveaway: Unlocking the Social Potential in Autism by Karina Poirier

  Guest Post from Dr. Karina Poirier What makes children likeable to other children? You may be surprised to learn that about 12% of children are rejected by their peers. That’s about one in every 12 children, which adds up to millions in the U.S. alone—far too many. Children who … Continue reading

I Caught Santa! Review and FREE code so you can catch Santa, too! (ends 12/10)

Use promo code #SantaShare at to catch Santa in your home! Ah, Christmas. That magical time of year when there’s never enough time or money or AA batteries (not included). The one time of year you can bribe your kids to be extra good with the promise of Santa’s … Continue reading

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