Memories to Keep You Warm: Fleece Photo #CollageBlanket #Review & #Giveaway (ends 3/31)

I’ve always been a photography person. I’ve been taking pictures for almost as far back as I can remember, starting with my mom’s old Kodak Disc camera that she gave me when I was still in the single digits. I have pictures of childhood friends whom I haven’t seen in … Continue reading

Bobee Momma & Baby Elephant Decals #Review #BobeeFan

After I reviewed the Bobee Elephant Wall Decals last month, a friend of mine who’s expecting mentioned how cute she thought the decals were, and then shared a funny story. See, her grandma collected elephants. Except, not really. Everyone THOUGHT she collected elephants, so everyone gave her elephant-themed things. She … Continue reading

Elephant Wall Decals: #BobeeFan #Review & #Giveaway (ends 12/21)

I love wall decals – they’re such a fast, convenient way to decorate a space! It takes minutes to do, and they stay there until you’re ready to remove them. And when you’re ready for a change, they peel right off without damaging the surface underneath. You may remember a … Continue reading

Create Stunning Artwork & #Aluminyze Your Memories! #Review & #Giveaway (ends 12/09) (with a special Black Friday B1G1Free offer!)

I love taking pictures, and I take a lot of photographs both of my family and of “scenic” images. (It’s my dream to someday be able to buy a really nice DSLR camera; for now, I do okay with my phone and my point-and-shoot… ah, but someday!) I used to … Continue reading

Old Factory Candles Themed Gift Sets – #Review & #Giveaway (ends 12/12)

I love scented candles. In fact, it may go beyond love and into obsession territory. As the only female in a family of six, I have to do what I can to keep my home smelling nice. Old Factory Candles has an amazing line of natural soy wax candles scented … Continue reading

#BobeeFan: Whale Decals #Review & #Giveaway (ends 11/22)

Wall decals are a great decorating option – I put one up in our upstairs hallway earlier this year, and I’ve been hooked ever since. They’re quick and easy to put up, they don’t leave holes or other damage to your walls, they can’t be knocked down when the kids … Continue reading

Cleaning Cheats: If It #SmellsClean, It’s Close Enough to For-Real Clean… Right?

I have a confession to make. Sometimes – not always, but sometimes – I cheat at cleaning. And that includes cleaning the kids. There was one morning not too long ago that I realized my 9-year-old son’s clothing smelled a little… musty. And it was two minutes until the bus … Continue reading

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