Free Educational Apps from Kids Academy! #Review

● Mom Buzz Media Approved Blogger ● Connecting Bloggers & Brands in Perfect Harmony Educational Apps from Kids Academy Available on iTunes & Google Play Free for a limited time! My two younger boys (my not-quite-2-year-old and my 9-year-old, who has autism) both love the Kids Academy apps. I’m happy … Continue reading

#DiscoverWithDrCool: Ultimate Dinosaur Dig Kit #Review (& code for a FREE product w/ purchase!)

I’m going to tell you right up front – if you have a kid who’s into dinosaurs (and at least six years old, although a slightly younger child might also enjoy this kit with proper supervision), or who’s interested in archeology, you’re going to want to get this kit. It’s … Continue reading

The Ruins of Tropicalia: A Musical Serialized Literary Adventure Story & #Giveaway (ends 7/22)

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 6/24/14 – 7/22/14 Genres: General Fiction, Literary, Thriller, SciFi, Musical Tour Price: Free Release Date: 6/24/14 Blurb: The Ruins of Tropicalia is a serialized, pulpy adventure story, accompanied by new music by indie rock n roll band The Amends. Expanded Plot Summary: In early 2014, a … Continue reading

Shardfall by Paul E. Horsman: Author Interview & $25 Amazon GC #Giveaway (ends 7/10)

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 6/12/14 – 7/10/14 Genres: Light Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Action-Adventure Tour Promo: Use Coupon Code AR72V at Smashwords through July 31, 2014 to get this ebook for FREE! Blurb: Muus is only a thrall, a chattel without rights, but he knows the small, blue shard … Continue reading

Product Review & Freebie: Bebe Bella Designs Crinkle Toys

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Taylor LOVES crinkle toys. He’s been a fan of any toy (or non-toy) that makes crinkly noises since he first discovered that crinkly noises exist. He has quite a collection of toys with parts that make those lovely crinkly noises, … Continue reading

I Caught Santa! Review and FREE code so you can catch Santa, too! (ends 12/10)

Use promo code #SantaShare at to catch Santa in your home! Ah, Christmas. That magical time of year when there’s never enough time or money or AA batteries (not included). The one time of year you can bribe your kids to be extra good with the promise of Santa’s … Continue reading

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