Holly Clegg Cookbook #HolidayGiftGuideBloggers100

Holly, known as the “Queen of Quick,” has used this motto to guide her through the creation of her trim&.TERRIFIC® cookbook series, which has sold over one million books! Gold Recipient of prestigious Mom’s Choice Award. Award-Winner in General Cookbook’ category of 2012, sponsored by USA Best Book Awards, with … Continue reading

Classic Handbags with a Modern Twist from SUSU: #Review & #Giveaway (ends 12/31) (& 40% off coupon codes!)

I’ve had a lot of handbags over the years – little ones, big ones (mostly big ones), pretty ones, ugly ones (lots of those)… but one type that I’ve never had is really nice, classically elegant luxury handbag. But, happy day, I was selected to review a SUSU Luxury Leather … Continue reading

Create Stunning Artwork & #Aluminyze Your Memories! #Review & #Giveaway (ends 12/09) (with a special Black Friday B1G1Free offer!)

I love taking pictures, and I take a lot of photographs both of my family and of “scenic” images. (It’s my dream to someday be able to buy a really nice DSLR camera; for now, I do okay with my phone and my point-and-shoot… ah, but someday!) I used to … Continue reading

#Hoodsbee Hoodies: A Warm Plush Friend for Your Kids! #Review & 30% Off Promo Code

We have so many stuffed animals in my house that I don’t know if I could count them if I tried. With four kids ranging in age from 1 all the way up to 18 who’ve received various plush toys over the years, plus my childhood favorites that I’ve handed … Continue reading

#AnimalTrackersClub Subscription Service #Review (& a code to get your 1st month FREE!)

My son Braeden loves animals – he’s been going through an African animal phase lately (elephants, giraffes, and so forth). He also loves arts and crafts. So when I heard about the Animal Trackers Club, I knew it would be perfect for him! The Animal Trackers club is a monthly … Continue reading

Holiday Shopping Savings: Up to 80% off at Gymboree through 11/02!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.** Here’s a GREAT way to save some money on your holiday shopping – through November 2nd, you can get 40% off everything, including markdowns, for savings up to 80% at … Continue reading

#DiscoverWithDrCool: Ultimate Dinosaur Dig Kit #Review (& code for a FREE product w/ purchase!)

I’m going to tell you right up front – if you have a kid who’s into dinosaurs (and at least six years old, although a slightly younger child might also enjoy this kit with proper supervision), or who’s interested in archeology, you’re going to want to get this kit. It’s … Continue reading

#MakeMoreHappen with Staples Back-to-School! #Review & #Giveaway (ends 9/05)

Make More Happen with Staples! Shopping for back-to-school supplies makes my wallet cry. (To be fair, it doesn’t take much to make my wallet cry – sometimes it bursts into tears at the sound of one of the kids saying “Mom… ” in that “I’m going to ask you for … Continue reading

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