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From the Amazon Listing:
1 x Large Fabric Storage Box Tote Frame Case Bag Plus 3 x Medium Flat Vacuum Storage Bag Seal Compress Space Saver Bag By Storage’s Finest

  • 1 x Large Fabric Storage Box Tote Frame Case Bag (25.6″ x 19.7″ x 6.2″).
  • 3 x Medium Flat Vacuum Storage Bag Seal Compress Space Saver Bag (21.2″ x 33.4″)
  • Saves you a whopping 70% in volume reduction as you pack your clothes in a case or even in your drawers
  • One-way valve works with any standard vacuum-cleaner hose, protects against dirt, moisture, mildew, bugs, and odors.
  • Easy to clean, stain resistant lining, Neutral design for any home décor placement, reusable large-size space-saving tote provides an airtight seal, has 3 handles for easy access and transportation.



Proper storage of clothes is important if we want to keep them in top condition for longer. There is nothing more disheartening than finding your favorite piece of clothing riddled with holes or covered with mildew. For clothes to be properly stored, therefore, they need to be kept dry and out of reach of insects like moths that can cause serious damage to fabrics. There are many ways to store your clothes, especially those that will not be used for a long time.

However, none of these methods beat the Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags!

Not only will these superbly designed vacuum bags keep your clothes in perfect condition, but they also come in very handy during travel.

Why the Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags?

– These bags will save you a whopping 70% in volume reduction as you pack your clothes in a case or even in your drawers

– They are storage bags with unique features; they are made from waterproof material keeping your clothes dry all through the storage period

– They are ideal for storing seasonal clothes or those that will be worn at a later date, like baby clothes

– The bags come in different sizes so that you can store even the largest of your clothing pieces like big towels and blankets

– All bags have a vacuum suction valve to draw all the air from the bag thus ensuring that it remains airtight; this keeps moisture, dirt and insects out of the bags

– It is just perfect for traveling; the roll up feature allows you to create the much needed space without even using a vacuum pump

– These bags are reusable.

Our Guarantee

We back this offer with a Money-back guarantee plus a replacement warranty!


My Review:
Vacuum seal storage bags are a great way to store kids’ outgrown clothing, and these ones are very easy to use. The filled bags full of clothes compressed down surprisingly well – I was able to fit two big tubs of baby clothes (I think the tubs are 18 gallon ones) into the three Space Saver bags. These bags have a flip cap instead of a screw cap like other vacuum bags I’ve used – this makes it faster to close the bag once you’ve sucked the air out, letting less air back in. The slider clip is also better designed than the clips that seem to be standard with other brands of vacuum seal storage bags.


The included storage tote is a great bonus – the first time I ever used a vacuum-seal bag to store clothes, I was surprised at how heavy the sealed bag was! Obviously the weight doesn’t change just because you have your clothes (or blankets or whatnot) in a vacuum sealed bag, but even though vacuum bags are a space saver, they’re a little more awkward to carry around when they’re full than a storage tub with handles is. I was only able to fit two of the vacuum-sealed bags into the large sized zippered storage tote, though. To be fair, I did stuff a LOT of clothes into those three bags – even given that, I was almost able to fit all three bags into the tote (I could only zip the sides, not the front), so if I had the jumbo sized tote I would think all three overstuffed medium sized storage bags would fit in that. I also used painter’s tape to tag each individual bag so I’d know what size clothes are inside (painter’s tape is less likely to damage the bags or leave sticky residue than duct tape when removed).


Overall I’m quite pleased with both the design and the quality of these bags – the plastic that the bags are made of is thick enough that it shouldn’t rip or tear, and the seams held up to having lots of clothes stuffed and sealed inside. I let the sealed bags sit for a couple of days before writing this review just to make sure the vacuum seal held, and the bags don’t seem to have lost any air whatsoever.

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