Spring Showers #Giveaway Event (2 winners – ends 3/29)

Spring is here (almost), and for many people that means it’s time to get serious about the garden. Not my family, sadly, as we live on a corner lot so we have a teensy heavily shaded yard. But two lucky readers are going to win the Premium All-In-One Micro Sprinkler Kit to help them make their gardens glorious!

Mister Landscaper
2 Winners
$90 Each

Hosted by:
A Lucky Ladybug
Make Our Own Network

The Mister Landscaper Mission
“We want this product to change your life and to make your life easier. And we are a company, as passionate and enthusiastic about water conservation as we are about the products we make – products that help grow beautiful, healthy landscapes and gardens.”
The Premium All-In-One Micro Sprinkler Kit :
This Premium All-In-One Micro Sprinkler Kit can water up to 535 sq ft of landscapes, gardens, shrubs trees and more! 
Includes 100-ft of 1/2-in poly tubing to run through your landscapes and supply water to the 10 Black stake assemblies and also includes 6 of our 1/2-in support stakes to secure the 1/2-in poly tubing to the ground
All items in this kit, excluding the timer are proudly made in the USA
This giveaway is open to the Continental US only (because of shipping costs) and will end on March 29th, 2016.  Good Luck!!

7 thoughts on “Spring Showers #Giveaway Event (2 winners – ends 3/29)

  1. I’m planning on planting a flower garden so the landscape/shrub one would be great!

  2. I liek the Premium all in one kit this would be great for my garden..

  3. I would choose the Vegetable Garden Drip Kit.

  4. Since I’m new at this, it would be the Micro Sprinkler beginner kit.

  5. I think the Vegetable Garden Drip Kit would be great, especially since you can add to it.

  6. The one that would be best for my yard is the landscape and shrubs.

  7. the landscape and shrub would be perfect for me the sun goes directly on my flower beds and to be able to run the sprinkler would be grey!!! less work for me awesome idea

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