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I love it when a product surprises me by being better than expected. I tend to take product claims with a grain of salt and do my own research (to the best of my ability). Now, I’ve used and reviewed products from Michael Todd before, so I already had a positive opinion of the company and its products. They gave me the opportunity to try out their Soniclear brush, and based on my past experiences with the company and its products, I assumed it would be a good, quality product that worked as advertised.

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The Soniclear is a “antimicrobial sonic cleansing system” – basically, a face and skin cleansing brush that uses vibrations to stimulate and micro-massage away dirt and impurities. I’ve owned a similar product in the past (I use the word “similar” very loosely here) – a single-speed vibrating facial brush that came with three different removable brush heads – it worked okay but I wasn’t blown away. And it ran on batteries, with no seal around the battery door, so it wasn’t even waterproof. It eventually got relegated to the bathroom closet, never to be used again.

So when I received the Soniclear system, I was expecting it to work better than the other brush I’d used, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so much better that it’s not even in the same class. Well, guess what? It’s so much better that it’s not even in the same class! (In fact, I love this brush so much that I signed up as a Michael Todd affiliate!)


Soniclear comes with the device itself, a facial brush head with cover, a body brush head with cover, a charging stand, and a charging cord. (Unrelated to the effectiveness of the product but worth mentioning in my opinion – not only is the charging base a lovely shade of purple (one of my favorite colors), but the charging cord is too! It’s a small thing, but that little added touch of having a color-coordinated charging cord instead of going with the standard black really caught my eye and I sort of love it!)

Soniclear-2So you may have guessed that Soniclear is rechargeable – no need to buy batteries! (And if for some reason you ever needed to replace the base or power cord, both are available for purchase on the Michael Todd website – Soniclear comes with a two year warranty, though). It’s also waterproof, so you can use it in the tub or shower without worrying that it’s going to get ruined. It’s ergonomically designed and balanced to be very easy to hold and not get slippery when wet.

Soniclear has six speeds – three for face and three for body. But you don’t have to worry about which speed is for which brush head, because this nifty little device recognizes which head is attached and adjusts the speeds accordingly! You attach the brush head of choice, press the power button, and then just press the speed button to decide which of the three available speeds is right for you and your skin. It’s also easy to tell the brush heads apart just by looking at them – the body brush is significantly larger than the face brush for faster, more efficient body cleansing. Oh, and it ALSO has a built-in timer so you don’t accidentally “overdo it” in any one spot!

Soniclear uses a patent-pending sonic-wave powered technology to exfoliate and micro-massage away dirt and impurities. There are over 300 sonic movements per second! That’s a good thing, because slower spinning brushes can pull and tug on your skin – Soniclear is both powerful and gentle. And it does the work for you – you don’t press hard when you use it, you just gently move it in small circular motions.

Soniclear Brush_ with standBut perhaps the best feature of this brush (other than its amazing effects on my skin, which I’m getting to, I promise!) The brush heads have built-in LIFE antimicrobial product protection, exclusive to Soniclear! We all know that gross stuff likes to take root in warm, damp places (like, for example, a brush head that’s covered in skin cells). The Soniclear brush heads are treated during the manufacturing process with the LIFE antimicrobial protection to guard against the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria. That protection doesn’t wash out or wear off for the normal life of the brush heads. (Do note, however, that you’re still going to want to clean the brush heads with warm soapy water before and after using them, because antimicrobial protection is no excuse for poor hygiene! Also, if more than one person will be using the Soniclear, each person should have his/her own set of brush heads).

So, now that you know all the details of this amazing little brush, you probably want to know how well it works. I was primarily interested in the exfoliating benefits of this product, given my dry winter skin. (Other than my nose, which stays nice and shiny year-round). I hate it when I go to put on makeup and it looks flaky because my skin is dry even when I put on moisturizer first. I thought this product would help “prime the surface” and “buff off the rough spots” to make my skin look smoother (with or without makeup). But it does more than that!


The User Guide points out that the micro-massage movements not only exfoliate, but also helps to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles as well as improving skin tone. It also allows serums and moisturizers to absorb better after you’ve used it. The product information on the website also states that “within just minutes of use per day, your skin is healthier, clearer and brighter looking with smoother texture and refined pores.”

They’re not lying. I got the exfoliation benefits I was looking for, but what really surprised me was how bright and clear my skin looked after using Soniclear for the first time. I think I may have actually said “Woah!” out loud. I really wasn’t expecting the level of results that I got, especially not after just one use. All the little flakes of dry skin were gone, as expected, and my skin was nice and smooth, which wasn’t a huge surprise. But my skin actually LOOKED better and brighter too! I’d paid extra attention to the spot at the top of my nose, right between my eyebrows, as that area gets particularly dry – and I swear the skin in that spot looked firmer than it had before I got into the shower. I have those little “squint lines” in that area – they used to only show up if I squinted; in recent years, those lines have stuck around (albeit fairly faint, so far). Those lines were much less noticeable after using the Soniclear, which really amazed me.


Here’s what it looks like without a brush head attached.

Not only that, but my “shiny nose” was noticeably cleaner as well. I usually use those little pore strip things on my nose, as those pores tend to get clogged. But after using the Soniclear, those pores were nice and clean (and of course cleaner pores are smaller pores!) I wasn’t even paying any special attention to my nose when I cleaned my face with the Soniclear, so that was a nice bonus!

One neat feature I noticed is that when you buy the Soniclear, you have the option to select the power cord style (US, EU, UK, or AU) that you need! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that when buying a product that plugs in to the wall before.

Power Cord

The Soniclear Antimicrobial Sonic Skin Cleansing System, as well as many other great skincare products, can be purchased on the Michael Todd website. Soniclear is priced at $150 – but right now there’s a special on the site where you can save 40% for a limited time by using promo code CYBER2014 or CYB! That brings the price down to $90! I don’t know how long those codes are good for, but even after they expire you can still save 20% on your Michael Todd purchase by going through my affiliate link (I receive a small commission, you save 20% – everyone wins!): http://bit.ly/Tara-MichaelTodd

The Soniclear Antimicrobial Sonic Skin Cleansing System is also available on Amazon.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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