Second on the Right by Elizabeth Los: Book Tour, Guest Post, & #Giveaway (ends 8/03)

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Second on the Right


by Elizabeth Los


Adult Fantasy


Paperback, 506 Pages


May 9 2014





Spawned from an ancient promise, treachery and intrigue follow the protagonists through our world and one lost to the waves. Bound by an invisible bond, they are thrust into a fantastical world of pirates and demons.

James Benedict is a just man haunted by evil. Pushed to the edge, everything stripped from him, a new man arises . . . a man whose name strikes fear into the hearts of all who hear it: “Captain Hook”.

Eileen Davis was a timid woman. Through a fateful cruise she finds herself in the company of the Captain of the Mistral Thief. With his guidance, and the meddling of the local barista, she eventually finds her inner strength.

Will the two of them unite through time to fulfill the promise of their ancestors or will tempers ignite leading all to failure?

True love’s magic is not to avoid changes,

But to navigate them successfully.

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Guest Post from Author Elizabeth Los: The Legend of Captain Hook

Said to be the only man Long John Silver feared, even the name “James Hook” is an alias. No one knows the true identity of the captain or where he came from. The man known as Captain James Hook has a cadaverous appearance, his pale face appearing as a spectral in the dark. What crew dares to serve under him trembles at his presence? Let not his melancholy blue eyes deceive you. If you are lulled into a sense of security, he may take opportunity to strike you in the gut with his iron hook. If any crew does not fear the captain’s countenance, surely they dread the metal appendage that swings dangerously at his side. When he paces the deck, all men cringe and hide away from the sharp tip.

For any crewman lacking reverence and awe of the captain or his hook will meet his end, as one unfortunate crewman discovered. Spoiled child grown to a self-entitled pirate, Starkey attempted a mutiny aboard the Jolly Roger. Rather than gaining the support of the crew, he enraged the already ill-tempered Captain Hook. Scrambling onto the plank, he pleaded for mercy, but Hook would give him no quarter. With a slice, the captain’s hook cut open Starkey’s belly. The ticking crocodile below smelled the wound before the pirate hit the water. One blood curdling scream and some thrashing and it was all over.


About Elizabeth Los

I began writing fan fiction short stories in 2010 as means of escape. Every night, after ten hours of work and once the children were finally tucked in bed, for the fifth time, I would sit at my laptop and let my imagination flow through my fingers. Typing over eighty words per minute, my stories quickly began to form from novellas into full length novels. I used writing as my therapy, my release for stress.




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35 thoughts on “Second on the Right by Elizabeth Los: Book Tour, Guest Post, & #Giveaway (ends 8/03)

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  2. I wouldn’t ever want to be a pirate like Captain Hook.

  3. My boys are PiratesMy boys are Pirates

  4. No, the pirate life doesn’t interest me, personally.

  5. No, I would never want to be a pirate, because I love being clean.

  6. My boys are Pirates (Ha!!! They play ball for the Calico Rock Pirates). Thank you

  7. No, I get sea sick and I’m way to nice to be a pirate

  8. no I think I would pass because I am positive I would get sea sick

  9. I have never wanted to be a pirate.

  10. When I was young I wanted to be a pirate but now I wouldn’t want to ne a pirate.

  11. no ive never wanted to be a pirate

  12. No. I need at least 2 hot showers a day and back then, that was unheard of.

  13. I don’t think that I’m ruthless enough to be a pirate.

  14. No I get seasick.

  15. I can talk pirate but I would not want to be one!

  16. I like the sea and being on it, but not as a pirate.

  17. It would be awesome to be a pirate, it would be great to roam the seas

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  23. I’d love to be a pirate. I like adventure!

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  26. I would hate being a pirate. I like land.

  27. I would not like to be a pirate. I get sea sick…Yuck!!

  28. I want to be a pirate like Captain Hook for a day or two

  29. Hi! No, I wouldn’t want to be a pirate but I like reading and watching about pirates. lol Thanks!!

  30. No, I never wanted to be a pirate!

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  31. I can’t say I’ve ever thought about being a pirate…but nah…pirates are ugly. Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. No I would not want to be a pirate. I like staying on land.

  33. No thanks. I get sea sick.

  34. Yes, like Captain Hook but not a real pirate. Too smelly.

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