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From the Amazon Listing:

Highly Polished Sterling Silver Filigree Phoenix Dangle Earrings

  • Base Metal: .925 Sterling Silver ( not silver plated or silver overlaid )
  • Lightweighted, Hypoallergenic
  • Highly Polished and Covered by 2 layers plating for endurablility
  • Free Gift Box, Shipping from US within 24 hrs upon confirmation of order
  • Produced by Professional Fine Jewelry Manufacturer

The high quality sterling silver earrings will make you look elegant in any occasions. These pair of glistening yet affordable dangle earrings has a oval fire birds design at the end of a long fish hook. The products have been sold with very competitive price with a F2C mode (from Factory to Customer). These remarkable pair of earrings is fabulous and stylish for any occasion, and makes the perfect gift to ladies.


My Review:

I’m really impressed with these earrings – the design, the packaging, the overall look, and particularly the price point given the overall quality. These earrings have a lovely shine to them, and of course the filigree design is what drew me to these particular earrings in the Earrings-3first place. The size, design, and length of dangle are, in my opinion, the perfect balance between casual and dressy. These earrings aren’t so fancy that they’d look silly if you worn them with jeans and a blouse, but not so plain that they’d seem out of place with a nice dress either. The earrings are oval in shape, approximately an inch long (not including the hook) and half an inch wide. I have semi-sensitive ears; not to the point where I have to avoid certain types of jewelry, but sometimes my earlobes will turn red and itchy for a while after first putting in a pair of earrings. Happily these earrings didn’t cause any reaction.

The packaging is terrific, much better than I would have expected at this price point. These earrings don’t arrive threaded through a plastic backer, or even set inside of a box; they come carefully packaged so that they don’t scratch each other in transit. One of the earrings is sealed inside its own ziploc style plastic baggie, which is inside a second baggie with the second earring (so there’s a layer of plastic between them so they don’t rub together). The box itself is a sturdy, nicely designed thick cardboard with a black velvet insert. All in all, I wouldn’t hesitate to present these earrings in the original packaging to a loved one as a gift.

Earrings-2 Earrings-4

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