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I gave birth to a vampire. Or maybe a zombie. At least that’s what I tell people after they see my son bite me. He started obsessively biting everything, and everyone, at about 10 months old. At first we blamed it on teething, but when he was still biting two months later, I began to look for other answers, and solutions.

One piece of advice that pops up when you do an Internet search on how to stop biting, is to redirect their biting to a more appropriate object. My son wasn’t a huge fan of baby teething toys, so I went looking for other options. I found Siliconies.


Siliconies are silicone jewelry pieces that are designed to be stimulating and interesting for children. They are made by Family Bedrock, a family company with two young children of their own. Nicole, the mom of Family Bedrock, says that her oldest son was always putting everything in his mouth and she wasn’t able to find anything on the market that truly fit their needs, so they decided to make their own products.

We have the Turtle Pendant for my son and we both love it. He loves the texture and shape. I love that it is big enough that I don’t have to worry about it being a choking hazard and that I don’t have to worry about my son ingesting dangerous chemicals. Because they are made of silicone, the Siliconies are FREE from BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Cadmium, Latex and Lead. The pendants also come on a cord with a break-away clasp so you don’t have to worry about your little one getting injured by the cord.


I cannot recommend Siliconies enough if you have a child who likes to bite. We eventually discovered that my son’s biting problem is caused by Sensory Processing Disorder, and Siliconies will be great for him for years to come as we learn to deal with that.  Siliconies are great for teething babies as well as children who need the extra sensory input that they get from chewing or mouthing objects, like my son. We aren’t the only family who loves them either. Their turtle and square pendants are so popular that Family Bedrock has just released a new shape, the Froggy Pendant, which is super cute and I am looking forward to getting that one for my son too.


You can find Family Bedrock at:

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3 thoughts on “Product Review from Melinda: Siliconies

  1. I’m so happy you found a sensible way to promote appropriate biting patterns. Also, I have seen persons, even a family member bite their child back to teach him not to bite. I say nothing could be more inappropriate and counter-productive.

  2. I was thinking about Lemony Snickets when I was reading this. Sunny was a biter. This sounds perfect for kids that bite and I love that it is free of all of the nasty things they usually put into things like this. Great review and funny…vampire/zombie babies…agh!

  3. lol—Sorry I just had to giggle all 4 of mine were bitting vampires– I sure am hoping this last one isn’t thanks for the review —I will keep this in mind–for this one thats coming on the 18th

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