PowerSource MusicStick 2-in-1 #Review : A speaker and a portable power bank in one convenient device!

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From the Amazon listing:
PowerSource MusicStick – Portable Cell Phone Charger WITH Speaker Dock COMBINED – Power To Charge And Play Your Music Wherever You Go – Quality Product – GREAT REVIEWS

  • CHARGE YOUR CELL PHONE AND PLAY YOUR MUSIC WITH THE ONE DEVICE – More than a great looking, high capacity, powerful external battery charger, the PowerSource MusicStick is also a portable music stand – plug your phone onto the docking headphone jack and it becomes a high quality sound system.
  • QUICK AND EASY CHARGING – A rechargeable mobile phone power pack with 5200mAh of fast charge speed – Perfect travel accessory for men and women on long flights, business trips, cruises, car and rv travel – Compatible with all phones and devices with a USB port like Apple, iPod, iPhone 4 5 6, iPad, Tablets, Handheld and PDA Adapters, MP3 4 Players, Samsung, Motorola and Nokia – includes FREE TRAVEL POUCH CASE – Don’t settle for cheaper, weaker options.
  • HIGH QUALITY FULL FREQUENCY SOUND brings new life to the music on your Smart Phones and Digital Devices – Play your music on the go or outdoors – CLEAN CRISP SOUND without bulky Blue Tooth and Wireless Speakers with this Portable Music Player – MUSIC WHERE EVERY YOU ARE – instant party!
  • SLEEK STYLISH DESIGN – If you love tech gadgets, be the envy of your friends when they see it in action – Carry it with you and be charged up for anything and everything that comes your way.
  • FREE MULTI-USB ADAPTER CABLE WITH EVERY ORDER – Best mobile phone charger for home, office and car – Great general use batteries for household, indoors, outdoors and camping – Order now and receive a 5-in-1 adapter cable ($19.99 Value) for FREE – 100% MONEY BACK MANUFACTURER’S GUARANTEE


My Review:

I have several portable power banks, and I have several external speakers. But this is the first product I heard of that combines both of those in one item. The PowerSource MusicStick comes with an instruction booklet, a USB cable, a cable with 5 interchangeable connectors (mini USB, micro USB, 8-pin/Apple lightning, 30-pin/MacBook, and what I have tentatively identified as a Nokia charger), and a handy carrying pouch. In terms of size, it’s not very heavy (just over 6 ounces), but it’s a little larger than a “pocket sized” power bank – you *could* carry it in your pocket, but not securely (and probably not at all if your pants have the typical stupid “girl pockets” – i.e. half the size of normal people pockets). The MusicStick is only 1.5 inches diameter but it’s 5.5 inches long.

MusicStick-3The end of the speaker swivels (lift and twist) to allow access to the ports, which is a pretty nifty design. To charge it up, you open the end to expose the USB port and use a USB cable to plug it in to another USB port, like on an electrical adapter or on your computer. (This is a little bit different from most power banks, as there’s no available micro USB port for charging – it’s USB to USB only). When all the lights on the LED status bar are lit, it’s fully charged. The audio jack is built right into the cap part of the MusicStick.

The power bank portion of the MusicStick features 5200mAh battery capacity with a single 1A port and an output of 600mAh. My phone, a Galaxy S6, has a 2550mAh battery, so I could charge my phone from dead to 100% twice without having to recharge the MusicStick. It doesn’t charge up my phone as quickly as other (larger and heavier) power banks I have due to the 1A port (instead of 2.1A) – according to my status bar, it would take approximately 38 minutes to fully charge my phone when the battery is at 82%, which is fine if you want to recharge the battery while you’re sleeping or while your device is in your backpack or whatnot. And it’ll at least slow the drain on your battery if you’re using your phone (or other device) while it’s plugged into the power bank. It works like any other portable charger to charge your device – plug one end of a USB cable into the charger, and the other end into your device. The interchangeable cable that comes with the MusicStick comes in very handy here, since you can swap out the tip to fit whatever device it is that you want to charge.

As a speaker, it should first be noted that this is NOT a Bluetooth speaker – you have to plug it directly into your device’s audio jack. The biggest negative, as other reviewers have mentioned, is that the audio jack won’t fit if your phone has a thicker case (like an Otterbox) on it. Since my phone cost more than my monthly mortgage payment it pretty much never leaves its Otterbox, so I’ll be sticking with Bluetooth speakers for it, but if your phone is naked or in a thin case you shouldn’t have a problem. Basically, you need to be able to press the end of the MusicStick right up to the edge of your device where the audio port is. I have a small, inexpensive MP4 player for my kids that doesn’t have a case, and the speaker works great with that. (I wonder if there might not be a way to add a short retractable cord onto the end of the audio jack, so that it might be pulled out slightly from the cap of the MusicStick, with the cord retracting back into the endpiece when not in use?) The sound quality is quite good and gets very loud. You need to turn up the volume on your device to get the speaker to kick in, but once it’s going you can turn the volume back down if you want to and it’ll keep playing.


Another nice thing about the PowerSource MusicStick – I’m always on the lookout for products that will make great gifts – products that are not only useful, but also come nicely packaged, and this fits the bill for that. Overall, the PowerSource MusicStick is both convenient and cost-effective – it’s less expensive (and much more convenient) than buying a portable charger and an external speaker separately. (I’ve seen similar power banks alone, without the speaker function, sell for more than this product). It would be great for either personal use or as a gift for someone who’d enjoy the convenience of having a power bank and speaker in one small package.

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