Photive Silverbuds Pro Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds #Review

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I got a chance to try out Photive Silverbuds Pro Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, and my husband and I both love them! Some of the features as described on their Amazon listing include:

  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 APTX Technology – Superior Sound and Wireless Convenience
  • Updated Bluetooth Antenna
  • IP-67 Water proof rated. Shielded by Liquipel Watersafe(R) technology
  • 10 Hour Lithium Polymer Battery. Fully Recharges in 2 hours
  • Active Lock ear stabilizers and adjustable cord for a perfect, secure fit
  • Built-in Microphone and Multifunction In-Line Remote
  • Magnetic Metal Housing Keeps Earbuds Attached Together Around Your Neck
  • Low Profile In Ear design
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty


I’m used to using plain, wired earbuds without any extra features, so these wireless earbuds are a huge step up for me. (For comparison’s sake I asked my husband, who uses wireless earbuds regularly, to test these out too, and he liked them so well that I think he’s keeping them).

Instead of one-size-fits-all (and hope they don’t fall out), these earbuds come with everything you need for a custom fit. So, what do these earbuds come with?

  • The Silverbuds Pro Earbuds themselves.
  • Four sets of ear tips (bi-flange, small, medium, and large).
  • Three sets of ear stabilizers (small, medium, and large).
  • Cord management clips (to secure the slack in the cord for a customized fit).
  • A micro USB charging cable.
  • A carrying pouch.


Now, I’ve gotta say, I’ve never used earbuds with “ear stabilizers” before, and it took me a couple (okay, several) minutes to figure out how they worked. Normally I just stick the buds in my ears and hope that they stay put. Between the instruction booklet and a mirror, though, I sorted it out, and I’m happy to report that these earbuds stay securely in place even if I shake my head around a bit. (Apparently I have tiny little ears, though, or maybe just oddly shaped ears, because even the smallest stabilizer was a little tricky to fit on my right ear).

20150703_071100The earbuds have a feature that I haven’t seen before – a magnetic clasp within the earbuds themselves. When you’re not wearing them in your ears, you can put the earbuds back-to-back and the magnets hold them together so they stay securely around your neck, like an earbud necklace. But even with the magnetic clasps built into the earpieces, these earbuds are very light and don’t feel like they’re so heavy they’re going to fall out.

Pairing was simple and fast – you just hold down the center button for 8 seconds, but by the time the earbuds said “pairing,” my phone had already found them. The controls for power, volume, etc. are in a little remote built into the cord near the right earbud, so you don’t have to touch the earbuds themselves (or your phone) to change the volume, skip to the next music track, or answer/end a phone call.

The sound quality goes from “meh” to quite good once you get the buds properly adjusted in your ears. When I first tried out these earbuds, the music seemed tinny and the balance seemed off between the two sides. But after I fiddled around with the different sizes of tips and stabilizers and got the earbuds properly situated (which took me probably ten minutes of trying out different combinations), I was really pleased with the sound quality – it was comparable to the quality of my good set of wired earbuds. These aren’t bass-boosting earbuds, but I personally don’t want my earbuds to assault my ears with heavy bass anyway – I save that for when the speakers aren’t millimeters from my eardrums.


As far as Bluetooth connectivity goes, the listed effective distance is 33 feet, and while I was able to get that far away from my phone before the earbuds actually unpaired, the sound started cutting out after approximately 12 feet (with my phone sitting out in the open on my desk with no walls between me and it). That’s just as good or better than other wireless earbuds that my husband has, though. (He says ten feet is pretty typical).

And obviously the water resistant/sweatproof feature is a huge bonus – I bought these primarily to use them for activities like yoga, bike rides, and kayaking, where they’re going to get sweaty and possibly get a little water splashed on them. They hold up well to physical activity, both in terms of water and sweat resistance and in staying put and not slipping out of your ears.

These earbuds are available on Amazon (Prime eligible):

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