Paddy O’Shea’s Golf Card Game Review and Giveaway

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I’ve loved board games since I was a kid – Monopoly, Life, Uno, Risk, Euchre, I love ‘em all. We try to do a twice-monthly family game night (although it doesn’t always work out that way). I was given the opportunity to try out a new card game, and I can tell you that Paddy O’Shea’s Golf Card Game will definitely be added to our Game Night lineup. This is a family game for 2-6 players ages 10 and up.

20140215_125742You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy this game (I’m certainly not!) I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of it at first, but after playing it with my two oldest sons (ages 13 and 17) for five or ten minutes, I was hooked. It resembles Uno in a way, with the goal being to have the lowest score at the end of the game (like in golf). Sadly, I lost to my 17 year old, who had really good luck finding those -5 19th Hole cards. Cheater.)

The game comes with a score pad, a rule sheet, and two decks of cards (containing all the cards that come in a regular deck plus four Jokers, four “Mulligans,” and two “19th Hole” cards). Number cards are face value, the royal family are 10 points each, Aces are 1 point, Mulligans are 0 points, Jokers are -2 points, and 19th Hole cards are -5 points.
After shuffling the decks together, you deal out the cards – each player gets dealt nine cards, which they place into a 3 x 3 grid face down. The remaining cards are placed into a draw pile, and the top card is flipped over to start the discard pile. Each player picks two cards from their grid to flip face-up.

The player to the left of the dealer goes first. That player has a choice to make. If the card in the discard pile looks good to him, he can take that card and swap it for any of his cards, either a face-up or a face-down card. If he swaps it with a face-down card, that card goes face-up. If the card in the discard pile is a high value card (remember, you want to end with the LOWEST points possible), he can pick from the draw pile instead. If he picks from the draw pile, he can either swap it for one of his cards OR put that card in the discard pile.

20140215_132455Play continues in this manner until one player has all of his (or her) cards face up. The other players get one last chance to improve their hands (following the same rules as before), and then everyone totals up their scores. If you have three-in-a-row (think Bingo), the cards in that row, column, or diagonal count as zero points. (So if you’re stuck with a couple of Queens near the end of the round, you can try to line them up with a third Queen and have zero points instead of ten points per card).

Another rule to keep in mind: If you’re the person to turn all of your cards face-up first, you want to be pretty confident that you’ll have the lowest score. If someone else has the same score or a lower score than you, then you get penalized 18 extra points!

20140215_144308You play nine rounds like this, adding each round’s score to your total, and whoever has the lowest score at the end WINS!

This game involves both luck and strategy. You need to think carefully about whether or not you want to go for that three in a row. If it’s near the end of a round and you’re using higher value cards, do you want to risk having those point values added on to your total, or would it be better to swap them out for lower points? Or when discarding, keep an eye on what the other players are doing – if you’re about to discard a 7, but see that the next player is one card short of a three-in-a-row of 7s, it might be better to just keep it and take the point hit. You also want to watch how many face up cards your opponents have (like watching how many cards the other players have left in Uno) – when someone is down to only one or two cards that are still face-down, you know time is running short to improve your score!

Do not let the person with this hand have access to a 3!

Do not let the person with this hand have access to a 3!

We had a lot of fun with this game – there was lots of laughing (and a couple of cheating accusations), and it kept us entertained the entire time we were playing. In fact, I plan to coerce my husband into a game as soon as I’m done writing this review. (Update: I won!) It did take me and the kids a round or two to get the hang of the rules, but by the end of the game we didn’t even have to refer to the rule sheet, it’s a very quick game to learn.


You can buy the game from the Paddy O’Shea Golf Card Game website for $9.95 each (plus shipping and handling). However, if you’re looking for a fun, inexpensive gift for multiple people (say, for a St. Patrick’s Day party, given the Irish theme of the game, or to give out as party favors), you get a discount for larger orders (the price drops as low as $4.95 per game for bulk orders!)

You can also buy it on Amazon:

You can find more information about Paddy O’Shea’s Golf Card Game on the internet:
Rules Page
Scoring Examples

And now for the giveaway! One lucky reader is going to win their very own Paddy O’Shea’s Golf Card Game! (Due to time constraints, please note that the winner will have only 24 hours to respond to my email unless shipping information is provided as a contest entry). Enter to win using the Giveaway Tools widget below – good luck!

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  6. There is no specific game, we play with grand kids and the kids when ever they come over. Great family quality time. Youngest player is 5

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  10. My kids are always after me to do a family game night … we’re working on implementing at least one a month (so far we’re 2 for 2 – yay mom!) … so this will be fun to add to the mix. I’m getting tired of getting my butt kicked in Battleship roflmao!

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