Ninja Like Focus with GungHo #Giveaway (ends 2/27)

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

As a mom of four boys, I’m chronically sleep deprived. Two teenagers, an 8-year-old with autism, and a not-quite-1-year-old make for one very tired mommy. By the time my 8-year-old finally falls asleep, the baby is up for his evening snack (I’m still nursing, so I guess I set myself up for that one). Sadly, since I am still nursing, I had to recruit my husband to test out GungHo Focus Shots.

56885eb5badd93f5aae5b7392f7548b452788712What are GungHo Focus Shots? They’re a natural, no-calorie and no-sugar alternative to energy shots and drinks, backed up with scientific research. The ingredients include caffeine (about the same amount as in a cup of coffee) which combined with other ingredients make it more effective than just plain caffeine); Ashwaganda (valued for its ability to improve endurance against stress, among other benefits); Cognizin® Citicoline (which helps your neurotransmitters fight stress and improve attention and mood); Niacin/Vitamin B3 (plays a key role in converting fats, proteins, carbohydrates and starches into usable energy); and Eleuthero (an herbal tonic that is consumed to improve physical and mental energy).

“Unlike energy shots or drinks that deal with short-term energy and no lasting impact on brain energy, GungHo will actually increase levels of critical neurotransmitters in the brain over time”
– Dr. Perry Renshaw M.D, PHD.

So my husband took the GungHo challenge. He works a rather unusual shift (4am to 12:30pm), and he also has four sons just like I do who infringe on his sleeping (weird, huh?), so he was a great candidate to try out a product like this. Back in my pre-pregnancy days when I was driving hundreds of miles a week for my merchandising job, I was a big fan of those little liquid energy shots. My husband prefers the larger energy drinks and usually takes a couple of cans to work with him. His job requires a lot of focused concentration for short-ish periods interspersed with “very little to do” downtime, which can make coming to full alertness for those busy times challenging. The GungHo instructions state that you should avoid other energy products to prevent a crash – now, I can’t guarantee that he didn’t cheat, but he tried GungHo for three days. The results?

20140217_105128He says he felt a definite increase in concentration and memory (though to be fair he has a great memory to start with). He drank a packet shortly after arriving at work, and says he didn’t feel any late morning crash like he sometimes gets with energy drinks, but noticed his concentration levels increase after about thirty minutes or so. He only used one package per day, although the instructions say you can have two per day. The website also states that “GungHo can improve your capacity to focus, while increasing your memory storage and recall over time,” but obviously we weren’t able to test that out the long-term effects in only three days. Ultimately, my husband really liked the “focus shots” and the lack of crash partway through his workday; we’ll definitely be purchasing this product (and I’ll try it out myself once Captain Fussypants is weaned!)

Find GungHo online:

Right now, GungHo is hosting a giveaway on their Facebook page where you can enter to win a whole CASE of GungHo!


If you’d like to purchase GungHo, you can also get 50% off your order for a limited time by going to – by going through this site (not an affiliate link), you can get a 12-pack of GungHo for just $17.49 +S&H. Or you can Join the Dojo, GungHo’s monthly discount club, and get monthly prizes with your subscription! If you join the Dojo, a 12-pack will set you back just $14.86 and shipping is free!

One lucky reader is going to a free trial pack of GungHo in this giveaway – but the winner will have just 24 hours to respond to my email (unless shipping info is submitted as an optional entry). Enter now!

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  1. I like the photos at the bottom under NinjaKiks. There is a photo titled, Ninjas They’re Everywhere with two teenagers kissing at a dance and another teenager drinker the girl’s soda and she does not notice. All of the pictures are so funny. Emi

  2. I learned that the company is located in Utah.

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