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DISCLOSURE: I received one or more of the items mentioned free for review purposes; nonetheless, all opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides, Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

I have what some people (my husband) would call “too many clothes.” (I prefer to call it “being prepared for any occasion”). I still have t-shirts from my high school years (I graduated in 1994), office style clothes from my years working outside of the house, even a few fancy dresses that I’m still waiting for the chance to wear (Valentine’s Day this year was a bust due to weather; maybe my anniversary in October?) So obviously when I was given the opportunity to select and review an outfit from Necessary Clothing, I couldn’t say no! (Sorry, honey!)

Necessary Clothing is a trendy designer fashion chain located in downtown New York City. But thanks to their website, even those of us here in rural northern Michigan can access their affordable clothing and accessories! They have a huge selection of some of the NecessaryClothing-1cutest clothes you’ve ever seen: all kinds of clothing (tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits & rompers, swimwear, outerwear, and sportswear); accessories (bags, hair, hats, jewelry, eyewear, and tech); and shoes (pumps, wedges, booties, boots, sandals, sneakers, and flats). They also offer free shipping for U.S. orders of $125 or more.

I was able to pick out a complete outfit – jeans, a blouse, a pair of the cutest boots I’ve ever seen, and some new sunglasses – for this review. I can be difficult to fit (I’m tall with long arms and legs and a larger bust), so I always check size charts and measurements when ordering online – there’s nothing sadder than ordering a great pair of jeans and then discovering that the inseam is four inches too short for me! But if you’re not usually a size-chart-checker, you may want to do so when you order from Necessary Clothing, as their sizing *does* run smaller than what you might expect. Typically a size large is roughly equivalent to a size 12/14 and an extra-large is about a size 16. However, Necessary Clothing uses a different sizing scale – an item listed as a size large is going to be a size 8, and their extra-large is a size 10. So be sure to check their size chart to make sure the items you’re purchasing will fit before you place your order!


So, let’s start at the top and work our way down, shall we? The sunglasses I received are the Alika Sunglasses in black (they also come in a brown tortoiseshell colored frame). They retail for $9.99 – how’s that for a great deal? I’m really looking forward to the coming warmer, sunnier days, and now I have a great pair of sunglasses to wear while I’m enjoying the sunshine!


Next up: the Mira blouse in a gorgeous hunter green color. This is a classic mid button down top with a sheer finish and cuffed sleeves. The brand on the tag is Fun 2 Fun. Pictures don’t do this blouse justice – it’s so pretty, and soft and silky feeling. It’s more of a semi-sheer, at least in the color I received, and the drape of the material just feels plain luxurious. I ordered this in a size large (the biggest size it comes in) – again, the sizing runs small, so a large is more like a size 8 than a size 12. But even though this shirt is smaller than my usual size, the style allows me to wear it anyway – I left the top buttons undone for “breathing room” and wore a tank top underneath. (You can click the link if you’d like to see what this blouse looks like on someone who doesn’t fill out the top quite so much – I love the way it hangs on a smaller frame too!) The Mira blouse sells for $27.99.


Now we’re on to Sarah’s Skinny Denim jeans – mom jeans these are not! These are from the Sneak Peek brand and are a stretchy low-rise style. They fit more like leggings than jeans, but they have pockets! (I love pockets). I ordered these in a size 15 (I normally wear a 16, give or take a size), and they’re a bit tight around the top, but the stretchiness of the material means they not only fit around, but also length-wise, which is a HUGE deal for me. These jeans come “pre-distressed” at both knees and in a couple of other spots, nothing too risqué though. They’re very comfortable, and while they’re a snug fit, I don’t feel like they’re *too* snug. These jeans are a great deal, listed at $34.99.

Necessary Clothing - Full.png

And last but not least – the Georgia Lace Up Booties! I can’t even tell you how happy I was to discover that Necessary Clothing sells shoes in a size 11, and fashionable shoes at that. (They also go down as small as a size 5). I cannot get over how much I love these boots. I ordered them in Camel, but they’re also available in black and tan. They have a faux leather exterior and lace up detailing with a short heel, and a super-cute zipper on the back! These boots sell for $39.99. Seriously, how cute are these boots?

Necessary Clothing - Boots.png

Necessary Clothing has a lot of other great items available, like a GORGEOUS JOA sequin dress – if I thought there was any way I would have fit into it, this review would be featuring this dress instead! Head on over and check out all the great clothes, shoes, and accessories that Necessary Clothing has to offer! (And a big thank you to the folks at Necessary Clothing for feeding my clothing addiction!)

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