“Money Making Mamas” Winner & Kindle Countdown Deal

Book Disclosure
The winner of the Money Making Mamas $10 Amazon Gift Card #Giveaway (pending response to my email) is Jackie V. Congratulations, Jackie!

9103-GbxlbL._SL1500_If you didn’t win, you can still pick up a copy of “Money Making Mamas: Ditch Your Boss, Stay Home & Earn a Decent Income Working Online: *I’ve been doing it since 2001” – the author, Lisa Kroulik, is currently offering the book as a Kindle Countdown Deal. “Money Making Mamas” is normally $3.99, but as of right now the price has been dropped to just $0.99! It will increase to $1.99 on the 19th, and go up to $2.99 on the 21st. The price returns to the normal price of $3.99 at 11 p.m. PST on March 23. So grab a copy now while the price is right!

And you can also check out my review of this book to see if it might be right for you before you buy!

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