Microwave Splatter Guard #Review & $5 Off Promo Code!

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The microwave in our house gets a lot of use. Like, a LOT. With two teenage boys, and a 6’8 husband, and two younger boys, and then me, there’s much reheating of food that happens. That also means we go through a fair amount of plastic wrap – IF the boys remember to use it to cover their dishes. When they don’t, that means there’s a fair amount of gunk splattered on the inside of the microwave. And we all know how hard it is to get cooked-on microwave splatters cleaned off!


Ramini Brands® sent me their Microwave Splatter Cover to try out, and I’m loving it! This cover is a flat circle of BPA-free food grade plastic approximately 10″ in diameter whose purpose in life is to save me from having to scrub splatters of gunk off the inside of the microwave. It has steam holes that allow the food that’s heating to vent without getting all over the place.


This is such a simple yet ingenious product, I don’t know why I never had one before. It has four little tabs, one on each “side” (I know, circles don’t have sides, but just go with me here) that are great to use to hang it right near the microwave. But it’s also small and flat so you can easily store it in a cupboard or drawer if you want to. I choose to leave it hanging right out in the open so MAYBE the boys will use it. So far, so good! (It’s kind of hard to see in the picture, since it’s transparent and all, but there it is hanging up there between the cheese grater and the green cutting board).


And once you’re done using it, you just give it a quick rinse in the sink and it’s ready to go again – no more going through rolls of plastic wrap every time one of the boys wants to heat something up. It works on bowls, paper plates, cups – pretty much anything you put in the microwave that might cause a mess if you don’t cover it. It’s also handy for covering dishes if you’re picnicking outside to keep the bugs out.


Check out the other great products available on the Ramini Brands website! They have everything from silicone cupcake liners shaped like teacups to Salad-to-Go serving containers to beautiful metal swirl cupcake display stands and even a super handy grill brush scraper.

You can get your own microwave splatter guard on Amazon (Prime eligible) for $12.97 at the time of this post. Your purchase also gets you a recipe ebook full of great recipes for the microwave. As a special offer for Dividing by Zero readers, you can take $5 off the purchase price if you enter promo code MICROLID at checkout!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our priority. Ramini Brands® is so sure you will love your splatter cover that we offer a no hassle, no questions asked money back guarantee and you can keep the best BONUS recipes as our gift to you.

3 thoughts on “Microwave Splatter Guard #Review & $5 Off Promo Code!

  1. Now this is what I have needed and didn’t know it.Thanks so very for sharing.

  2. What a great product…I must have one! I do have an inferior type of product that is mesh with little weights around the edges, but it just doesn’t do the job! Sometimes it sinks down into whatever I’m reheating, making somewhat of a mess): This would be an ideal product to own.

  3. These are so great! We use ours every day. We’ll need a new one soon, though. I’ll get this one as our back up!

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