Maple Hill Naturals 100% Wool Dryer Balls Review

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We go through a LOT of laundry in our house between the six of us. There are two teenage boys; a 9-year-old with a fascination for peanut butter, markers, and glue sticks; a one-year-old who’s still learning how to get the food IN his mouth instead of everywhere but; and me and my husband… I do at least a load of laundry ever day, and some days two or three loads.

I was given the opportunity to review one of the many wonderful products from Maple Hill Naturals. This company started out as a small one-mom company that sought to provide answers to mothers who were looking for natural solutions to everyday problems. Their products are all hand crafted in the United States using the finest materials and ingredients. Maple Hills Naturals is committed to the environment: they follow a Leave No Trace ethos: “We want to leave the earth how we received it.” All of their packaging is manufactured with 100% renewable energy and is completely recyclable, and the products themselves are sustainably obtained and cruelty free. They guarantee that none of their products or supplies have ever been tested on animals. And they believe in giving back – a portion of the sale of each Maple Hill Naturals product goes to charity!

xMapleHillDNaturals-Banner.jpg.pagespeed.ic.z4DGg1G4n5Given the amount of laundry we do, I chose to try out their 100% Wool Dryer Balls. I love these awesome little guys! A replacement for expensive (and non-reusable) fabric softener and dryer sheets, they naturally soften and reduce static. They’re reusable for thousands of loads and save consumable energy by shortening drying time by up to 25%. You just toss ’em into the dryer with your wet laundry. They’re hypoallergenic and are naturally colored, with no harmful irritating dyes added. And of course wool itself is completely sustainable – and an interesting fact: all the wool for their dryer balls comes from sheep from a little farm in West Lafayette, IN. Another fun fact: their dryer balls are crafted by stay-at-home moms! How awesome is that?

Maple Hill Naturals offers three sizes ofDryer Balls dryer balls, in both scented and unscented varieties. I chose to try out the scented dryer balls in the Outdoor Fresh scent – I’ve always loved the smell of fabric softener, and the Outdoor Fresh scent is meant to replicate Downy’s original fragrance. After three months of use, my dryer balls STILL smell amazing. Oh, how I wish I could share a scent with you through a blog post… but alas, technology hasn’t advanced that far. Yet. The scent does eventually fade, BUT they also offer re-scenting options! You can purchase a DIY rescenting kit for $4.99 (enough to scent 2-4 dryer balls heavily) or you can send your dryer balls to the company to be rescented for you (which lasts longer than the DIY option) for $1.00 per ball. How’s that for sustainability!?

Dryer Balls 2They promise that their dryer balls will not fall apart, and so far, so good! These dryer balls have been abused pretty thoroughly, being put through my dryer will all kinds of loads of laundry – jeans, blankets, jackets, you name it. At a guess I’d say that I’ve used them at least a hundred times so far (and that’s probably a low estimate), and they still look almost brand new, with just a tiny bit of surface pilling. My dryer balls live in my dryer, although they do make the occasional escape attempt to the rest of the house. (They like hiding out inside shirt sleeves or pants legs).

I have four of the XL dryer balls, and I also have definitely noticed that it doesn’t take as long for my laundry to get dry as it did before the dryer balls took up residence. It used to be that I would sometimes have to give larger and/or heavier loads a second go-round in the dryer. Now a regular load dries in about 30 minutes (on high heat) and the heavier loads (like jeans) are dry in less than an hour. And the more dryer balls you use, the better your results will be – their website recommends using four for small loads, and six or more for large loads; or even as many as twelve or more for huge loads of things like towels or cloth diapers. Since I’m getting good results with just four dryer balls, I plan to invest in more in order to reduce drying time even further. I’m looking forward to being able to dry six people’s worth of jeans quickly, and without having to buy dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener ever again!

The pricing for the dryer balls varies from $16.99–$68.99 depending on what options you choose – there are three different sizes you can get unscented, scented, or essential oil scented, and three different package sizes to choose from. For what I received – a four-pack of XL Scented Dryer Balls – the price is $32.99.

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Maple Hill Naturals also offer many other great eco-friendly products, including other natural laundry products, natural soap, shampoo & conditioning bars, natural lip balm, a men’s care line, and children’s products. They even offer autoship options for their natural soap, shampoo & conditioning bars, and natural laundry powder to save you time and money.

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3 thoughts on “Maple Hill Naturals 100% Wool Dryer Balls Review

  1. I really need to get some of these! I use a plastic dryer ball now and all it does is help the loads dry faster,somewhat anyway. I love that these are scented and can be re-scented and that they are 100% wool too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. After reading your review on the Maple Hill Naturals 100% Wool Dryer Balls I can not wait until I get some. I currently have the plastic dryer balls but they don’t work nearly as well as you have described when you use the Wool Dryer Balls. Since the dryer balls are reducing your drying timed than they would pay for them selves by using less electricity. I also like the fact that you don’t have to use dryer sheets. I will let you know how they work for me. I won’t know what to do without dryer sheets sticking to my clothing.

  3. These are neat! I’m going to have to give them a try.

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