Loot Crate Unboxing: Rewind

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January was the month for rewinding at Loot Crate, with some great retro-themed goodies. (Reminder: February 19th at midnight EST is the cutoff to get in on February’s PLAY themed crate – use code SAVE3 to get $3 off your new subscription!)


January had an exclusive Voltron Blueprint T-shirt. My husband happens to already have a somewhat more risque Voltron shirt – do an image search for “Voltron Offender” and it’ll probably be the first result, if you’re curious). Now we can be twinsies! Sorta. But not really. But we do definitely both have Voltron shirts now, it’s just that mine won’t offend the majority of the public at large.


Also in the box: an exclusive Retro Arcade Skinny Tie, which I LOVE. I don’t wear ties, but I *do* wear headbands, and love how this looks as such! And also, my husband can wear it if he ever has the occasion to dress up (remember, this is the guy who wears a very questionable Voltron shirt in public).


This little dude that traveled to me is super-cute, and I love his gun! There were six different possible games he could have been (including a super-rare gold variant), but I’m pretty happy with the variation I received.


These 8-bit glasses are cute, but not my style. My Minecraft-obsessed teenage son, however, thinks they’re pretty great!


Also handed over to my teenage son: this Comic Notebook. All three of my older kids love to draw (the baby still tries to chew on the crayons more than color with them), and I love that this notebook has a little stencil sheet at the back as well as explanations of what lettering and balloons to use for different types of speech and action.


Finally, this crate contained an exclusive Loot Crate edition of Star Wars #001! That, I kept.


February’s crate theme is PLAY, with a Loot Crate Exclusive Super Fight Deck, a vinyl collectible figure from KidRobot, a best-selling story much beloved by gamers & geeks worldwide, and lots more! The deadline to sign up for a subscription to get the February PLAY crate is February 19th at midnight EST, so hurry, go sign up and get your crate!


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