Loot Crate November Unboxing: BATTLE Crate

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This was my 9th Loot Crate, and I’m still a little giddy each month when that black box shows up on my porch. Loot Crate has a monthly theme, and November’s theme was BATTLE!

So what was in the box? LootCrate-Battle-1


Pirates vs. Ninja Shirt

Zen Monkey Studios

This month featured another exclusive Loot Crate shirt that pays homage to the age-old question: Who would best the other in battle โ€“ Pirates or Ninjas? I actually meant to change the t-shirt size in my account to my husband’s size when I found out the month’s theme and some of the franchises included, but missed the cutoff date. (One of the neat things about Loot Crate: they offer both regular style t-shirts and women’s cut t-shirts!) So the Pirates vs. Ninjas shirt is accidentally mine. ๐Ÿ™‚


Assassin’s Creed IV Unity Coin with Velvet Pouch

Ubisoft Entertainment Inc.

One side of this coin features the seal of the Assassins; the other side actually has a space for Looters to have their names engraved! This one is going to make a great stocking stuffer for my AC-playing husband (who also likes to do coin tricks with a silver dollar, and this coin is about the same size and weight)!


Mega Man Mini Helmet


The BATTLE crate contained an exclusive Mega Man mini-helmet replica in assorted colors (red, green, blue, or brown). I honestly wasn’t super excited about this piece of Loot, but I think my 14-year-old son is going to get a kick out of finding it in his stocking on Christmas morning!


HALO Drop Ship Mini Figure


This is a fun little toy that I was tempted to keep for myself โ€“ I have a shelf of assorted figurines and this would have fit right in. BUT, my 18-year-old son is a big HALO fan, so another stocking stuffer it is!


Street Fighter Headband


I giggled when I saw this โ€“ my husband, being a 38-year-old man who’s been playing video games since early childhood, is a big fan of the Street Fighter franchise. I can’t see him wearing this headband (which will be another stocking stuffer – my husband and kids are pretty much set on stocking stuffer goodies now, thanks to this crate!) himself, but I think this headband will look great on our Sackboy doll!


The monthly Loot Crate button was included too, of course.


Bonus Loot this month included a full game download of Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, a code for 50% off Lichdom Battlemage, and Digital Comic Loot!


And finally, this month, the crate itself was a collectible! With a pair of scissors and a little scotch tape, the crate transformed into this battle arena (the characters were paper-doll style punchouts on the back cover of the Issue 16). We’re in the process of turning our “spare room” into a “man cave,” and I think I’ll be seeing this up on a shelf in that room once it’s completed. (I wouldn’t be surprised to find my husband playing with it with one of the boys, either!)


What’s in store for next month? December is an ANNIVERSARY crate! (I actually got mine in the mail TODAY โ€“ how fun! So keep your eyes open for the next unboxing!) The Anniversary crate is the BIGGEST crate they’ve ever done (in terms of size) โ€“ it has items from DC Comics/Batman & Marvel/Guardians of the Galaxy; an exclusive Ghostbusters collectible; a variant cover comic exclusive to Looters; and epic Tetris and The Simpsons items rounding things out! One of the items is anotherย EXCLUSIVEย Funko POP! Vinyl figureย created exclusively for Loot Crate. You will NOT be able to find it anywhere else!ย (And also, this box also transforms!)


Looters also get entered into a monthly Mega Crate drawing โ€“ I’ve gotta tell you, I’m REALLY hoping I win December’s amazing Mega Crate โ€“ it’s worth over $2,000!


You still have time to order the Anniversary Crate โ€“ sign up before December 19th (9pm PT)! AND you can save $3 with promo code ANNIVERSARY! CLICK HERE to sign up now!

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