Loot Crate March 2016 VERSUS Unboxing (and bonus Zelda item code for new subscribers if you order today!)

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I’ve been subscribing to Loot Crate since March of 2014 – so obviously I’m a fan. In addition to the core LootCrate box, I also subscribe to the Level Up Wearables and Level Up Accessories. (There’s also LootCrate DX, LootAnime, LootGaming, LootPets, Level Up Socks, and Level Up T-Shirts – and you can bundle your Level Up subscriptions for extra savings!)

So what was in the VERSUS Crate?

Starting in January, LootCrate started including a t-shirt in every box – this month I got an awesome Star Trek shirt with a Mirror Mirror print on it! (Yes, that is a Tribble on my shoulder).


Next up, another clothing-type item – it’s a little late in the year for me to get a lot of use out of it, but I live in northern Michigan, so I’ll be pulling this Daredevil/Punisher reversible beanie back out by October (if one of my sons doesn’t steal it first!)


An exclusive Batman V Superman Tyvek wallet was also included in this crate – I know that’ll be going to one of my older sons. We might have to have our own VERSUS competition to see who gets it!


The VERSUS crate also included an exclusive Alien Vs. Predator 4.5 inch vinyl figure – the blind box doesn’t tell you if you got the glow-in-the-dark Alien xenomorph or the wicked Predator.


This month’s crate also included an exclusive Harley Quinn comic book for me to add to my ever-growing comic book collection. (My husband also has his own stash of comics that he keeps in his man cave!)


Finally, there’s the monthly LootCrate pin – this month it was an exclusive cloisonné-style Aliens vs. Predator pin. Something neat that LootCrate has started doing is offering a Loot Pins bonus zone. You just head to the website and redeem your unique code for bonus loot. This month it was a free Vudu rental of either Aliens or Predator. (Previously we got a digital copy of Vol. 1 of the comic book Letter 44, which I’ve gotta say is well worth checking out, and in February I got a free Rare Carl character for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival game, which my husband and I are both a bit addicted to).


As I mentioned, I also subscribe to the Level Up Accessories and Wearables – so let’s take a look at what those items were this month!

The Wearable was a neat Captain America/Iron Man long sleeve shirt – sadly the sleeves were a little bit too short for me (I’m pretty gangly – sleeves are never long enough for me. Pants either). Happily my 20-year-old son has shorter arms and was glad to take this shirt off my hands.


The Level Up Accessories (items geared towards women) for March were an exclusive Batman vs. Superman bestie necklace set. Since my bestie is my husband, who is not a necklace guy even when it’s a men’s necklace, I’ll probably be passing this one along to my sister. BUT the other Accessories item was a set of hair ties (Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman), and THOSE I’ll definitely be keeping! (I have long hair, but I also have small children so I keep it pulled back 95% of the time).


Other Level Up items for the month (that I didn’t receive, because our budget can only handle so many subscriptions) were a “You Sank My Battleship!” T-shirt and Mario & Bowser and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. vs Hydra socks.

April’s Theme: QUEST

I don’t know exactly what will be in April’s crate (and that’s the fun part!), but I do know it will include a t-shirt, stylish socks, a poster, and more from franchises like Harry Potter, Labyrinth (hooray!), Uncharted 4, and Vikings.

I also happen to know that my April QUEST Level Up items will be Star Trek legging for Accessories and a Princess Bride (woot!) baseball tee for the Wearable. Can’t way to see them! Also, there will be a Goonies t-shirt and Zelda and Kingdom Hearts socks for the other Level Up packages – oh, how I wish I could afford them all!


New subscribers can get a bonus Zelda item with a LootCrate subscription – just use coupon code:


But you only have until midnight (EST) TONIGHT (April 19th) to get your order in for April’s QUEST crate!

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  1. This is a subscription box that everyone in my family would enjoy. It looks so cool!

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