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From the Amazon Listing:
LolliZ Gel Pens | 96 Gel Pen Set – 2 Packs of 48 pens each

  • 96 exclusive colors: 12 standard, 12 neon, 12 swirl, 24 glitter, 20 metallic, 16 milky. Transparent outer shell for easy browsing and access to the large color variety. The 0.8-1.0mm tip range enhances contact with paper for a smooth glide and better hold of ink on the paper’s surface
  • Great pens to sketch, draw, color, doodle, write and get creative in a fun and skilled way. Greeting cards, Party invites, Letters to friends and family, arts and crafts, decoration, day care activity, scrap booking, the uses are endless
  • Convenient Artist packaging outfitted with four trays for easy reach and use. Each gel pen can be stored in its own individual insert and comes with a cap for long-lasting use
  • Acid-free Quality product at a great value. LolliZ 96 piece Gel Pen Set is the perfect gift idea to emerging artists as well as confirmed ones
  • 100% LolliZ Satisfaction Guarantee


My Review:
This is a great set of gel pens, with colors and styles for just about any art project. I started using gel pens when I developed an interest in adult coloring books – they’re more vibrant than colored pencils, and easier to use than even fine tip markers. They also don’t bleed through like markers do.


This set comes with TWO packages (identical) of 48 pens each; each package has four trays of pens in it, so they’re somewhat sorted by style (standard, neon, swirl, glitter, metallic, and milky). Since you get two identical sets, it’s ideal for either keeping one for yourself and gifting the other set to your favorite artist, or having backups for when your favorite colors eventually run dry. Personally, I have two teenage artists in residence, so two sets of pens means they both get a set of their own.


Most of the pens worked right out of the box with no scribbling required to get them going, although a couple of them did take a couple of scribbles to get the ink flowing. The tips vary in size between 0.6 and 1.0 mm (depending on the pen style), and all of the pens in the package that I opened write cleanly and smoothly with bright, vibrant colors. Both the caps and the ends reflect the color of the pen so it’s easy to find exactly the shade you’re looking for. While I purchased these as gifts for my artistic teens, I’ll probably be buying another set for my own personal use, since they work better than the brand I’ve been using.

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  1. Oh man I remember gel pens in school hahaha teachers hated everyone with the neon lol

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