Little Life Box 3-month-subscription #Giveaway (ends 6/23)

This one is for my Canadian readers only – you can enter to win a three month subscription to Little Life Box! The boxes contain everything from organic chocolate to tea to beauty items and more.

Little Life Box Potential products

Welcome to another great Subscription Spring Giveaway

Here you can enter to win a 3 month subscription the health conscious subscription service – Little Life Box. When you subscribe Little Life Box will send you a package of health conscious items items that they have chosen for their high quality. Little Life Box also provides you with information about the surprises you have received that month, allowing you to discover more about your items and the companies that helped bring them to you. To find out more visit Little Life Box

Little Life Box items I received 2

For your chance to win a three month subscription to Little Life Box– enter on the Giveaway Tools form below.

Little Life Box Items I received 1

Little Life Box Beauty products

2 thoughts on “Little Life Box 3-month-subscription #Giveaway (ends 6/23)

  1. Learned that You have the option of the ‘regular’ box or the vegan option and there is also a one-off “Gift Box” available, awseome & sounds like a fun monthly delivery . thank you

  2. I learned there is such a thing as quinoa chocolate cookies…. I’m intrigued by this idea….

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