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My toddler LOVES helping mommy clean up (I know, he’ll outgrow it in a couple of years, but I’m enjoying it while he lasts), but he’s scared of the vacuum. Not when it’s off – if it’s just sitting there in the corner he’s fine – but as soon as I turn it on, he shrieks like he just saw Pennywise the Clown coming for him. I was able to try out the KidzLane Dyson Play Vacuum Cleaner, with the hope that playing with a kid-sized vacuum would get him over his fear of the grown-up vacuum. (Not that I have a Dyson, mind you; we’re the proud owners of a $49 Walmart special that has amazingly lasted over two years cleaning up after four boys – knock on wood!)

This is such a fun little toy! It’s pretty much an exact replica of a Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner (at least judging from pictures and commercials I’ve seen of full-size Dysons) – and yes, the ball works in this toy version. This little vacuum maneuvers around just like a real Dyson, which helps develop both problem solving skills and motor skills. (Taylor was VERY curious about how the vacuum moves around and gave the bottom of the toy a thorough inspection).

Dyson Collage 3.png

It takes four C batteries (which, of course, take a screwdriver to install), and there’s a simple on/off button on the back right next to the battery compartment.


When you turn it on, it makes a sound like a real vacuum, albeit at a lower volume – AND it actually picks up small items (like scraps of paper or small poly beads)! There’s a teensy little removable dustbin in the back of the vacuum that can be popped out and emptied.


There’s also a clear “collection canister” on the front – it doesn’t really collect anything (all the little bits the vacuum picks up go in that little pop-out bin in the back), but there are small colorful foam beads that spin around when the red button on the front is pressed – great for developing imagination and playing make-believe! Taylor loves running back and forth across the living room with it, as long as it’s turned off – he’s still pretty intimidated by the sound of it when it’s turned on, since it sounds so realistic (just quieter).

This toy is recommended for ages three and up – Taylor isn’t quite two yet, so at this time I’m only letting him play with it with direct supervision, just in case. Hopefully by the time he’s old enough to play with it unsupervised he’ll have outgrown his fear of vacuums!

Dyson Collage 2.png

You can purchase the KidzLane Dyson Play Vacuum Cleaner on Amazon (Prime eligible).

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