I have a history of having pretty lousy luck. Sometimes self-inflicted, more often not (but of course I wouldn’t think it’s *my* fault!) I’ve had more than one friend ask me what evil person I was in a past life because of the incredibly bad luck that seems to come my way. I’m generally a good person – not perfect, no one is, but I usually try to do the right thing and I feel bad if I mess that up.


Earlier this month, I got my tax return. It was gone within a week, but I got caught up on the bills. I also did something else – didn’t cost much, but hopefully made a couple of people’s days. The day the money showed up, I took myself out to eat at a local restaurant, just me and a book. I asked the waitress if there were any customers in the restaurant who were maybe going through a rough time and could use something to brighten their day. She pointed out an older couple sitting across the room from me. The woman was wearing a bandana over her head. She told me the woman’s been going through chemotherapy. I told the waitress that I wanted to pay for their meal – to give the couple’s bill given to me, but not to tell them who was paying it for them. And then I watched over the top of my book while she explained to them that someone had anonymously picked up their tab. That was an amazing feeling. The waitress was thrilled to be able to participate in something that made someone smile, and said something like “What goes around comes around.” I was kind of thinking, “Yeah, not for me, but it’s a nice thought!” And then left her a $10 tip hidden under my plate when I left.


Then I went through McDonald’s to treat myself to a mocha – $3.70 is kind of ridiculous for twenty ounces of chocolate-flavored coffee, but it was a day of celebration. I’m a semi-regular at this McDonald’s, I usually run through the drive-thru for coffee or soda on the days I work (my job involves driving up to 500 miles per week). I told the cashier who took my money that I wanted to pay for the person behind me – I’d heard of other people doing that, and it seemed like fun. So I paid for our orders, and pulled up to the next window to wait for my mocha. This gave me the perfect chance to watch, in my sideview mirror, the huge smile that lit up the face of the elderly man in the car behind me as he held out his money to the cashier and had his payment declined. I stuck my arm out the window and waved to him as I drove off. It didn’t cost much money, I think somewhere around $6, but it seemed to have made his day! Plus involving the employees of the two restaurants brought them into the little circle of happiness I was trying to create. I only wish that was something I could afford to do on a daily basis!


Anyway, I didn’t do those things in expectation that I’d get some sort of cosmic pat on the back. I’ve done nice things for people before and never gotten anything in return. (In fact, some people will take advantage of a nice person and keep taking from them; I’m just glad those experiences haven’t jaded me too badly). I just wanted to make some people smile, spread some happiness around, hope that they paid it forward and kept the happiness moving.


But then, a couple of weeks later, something amazing happened to me. Or something that *could* be amazing, and *has* been amazing so far.


I’ve been in a very rocky relationship for the past five years, and recently ended it for good. I truly loved him, but it got to the point where there was more heartache than happiness and I had to walk away. I closed the door, not expecting there to be a different door opening so soon… and not expecting someone so wonderful to be on the other side of that door. Obviously it’s too soon to know that for sure, but in just the short time I’ve known this man who was on the other side of that door, I’ve gotten the distinct impression that this could be something very, very good. And he seems to feel the same way about me.


And then on top of that, there’s a band I’ve wanted to see live for years, and a couple of days after I met Mr. Amazing, I won two tickets to that band’s concert from a radio station call-in contest. And guess who my date to that concert is going to be?


So maybe things are finally starting to turn around. Maybe my run of bad luck has finally worn itself out. Maybe I’m jinxing myself by saying that – don’t think I’m not pounding furiously on the top of my wooden desk as I write this! I do know that I’m going to go ahead and pick up a Mega Millions ticket – just one – for the next drawing. Just in case.

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