I Caught Santa! Review and FREE code so you can catch Santa, too! (ends 12/10)

Use promo code #SantaShare at iCaughtSanta.com to catch Santa in your home!

Ah, Christmas. That magical time of year when there’s never enough time or money or AA batteries (not included). The one time of year you can bribe your kids to be extra good with the promise of Santa’s rewards. (And no, I’m totally not above bribing my kids – use what you’ve got!)

But what if your kids are starting to doubt your stories of a strange man who directs flying deer to your house so he can drop down your chimney, eat all your cookies, drink all your milk, and leave some toys under the tree before heading on to the next houseful of good and obedient children? Well, then, you just have to come up with creative ways to prove Santa’s existence to them.

Santa 2

Sure, you can have dad or grandpa dress up as Santa and let the kids “catch” him. Odds are that won’t fool them, though, and besides, do you have any idea how expensive it is to rent a Santa costume? Besides, there’s an easier way! And best of all, it’s completely FREE until December 10th! (And keep reading to find out how you can enter to win an iPad Air!)

Santa 6

Santa kind of looks like he’s peeking down my sister’s shirt here…

When I first heard about iCaughtSanta.com, I’ll admit that I really wasn’t sure I’d like the results. I’m somewhat less than Photoshop-savvy, and it seemed like it’d be way too obvious that Santa was an add-on because the image wouldn’t blend in with my own picture. But I was very pleasantly surprised with what I came up with! (So much so that instead of doing just one picture, I wound up looking for more pictures and hanging out on the site for a while putting Santa in all of them).

Santa 1

iCaughtSanta.com is a great way to add a little Christmas spirit back into your kids’ Grinchy little hearts. You can add Santa (or Rudolph, or both of ‘em) into any of your pictures and make it look like Santa’s just chilling at your house. And they’re offering you the chance to try it out for FREE using promo code #SantaShare through December 10th!
They’re also offering a Customer Appreciation Contest with over $1,500 in prizes! Top prize is an iPad Air with Retina Display worth $649, with ten other prizes for ten other winners. Make sure you get your entries in for this great contest before December 30th! To enter, just go to iCaughtSanta.com and scroll down to the Rafflecopter widget on their page.

Santa 4

iCaughtSanta.com is  really easy to use, and very cleverly designed. Once go to the site, you just click the green ornament that says “Click Here to Get Started.” Pick a picture to upload, type in your email address and name, and start having fun! There are 20 different Santa (and Rudolph) poses you can pick from – Surprised Santa, Sleeping Santa, Santa coming down the chimney, Santa getting a kiss from Mommy, and many more. You can zoom in and out on both your picture and on Santa to get the sizing right, and move Santa to wherever you want him in the frame. I was really happy to see that you can also adjust Santa’s color and brightness levels to make him look like he was in the picture all along! There are also several borders to choose from if you want to add one to your creation.

Santa 3

At the checkout page, you can download your free photo and share it via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or email. You’ll see a lot of other options they offer, and other characters you can “catch” in a photo – the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Cupid. You’ll also see the option to make a video with your picture as the background! The Elf-Cam is a pretty neat little toy to play with too. You can see your video for free, and it’s only $4.99 with a photo purchase to buy the un-watermarked version. To see an example, here’s Santa hanging out by the Christmas stockings.

So head on over and check it out – it’s free, so you have nothing to lose, and maybe a little Christmas magic to gain!

Santa 5

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  1. This is so fun! Thank you for sharing. And you are right, never ever enough batteries and people always forget those.

  2. This is such a cute app! I bet my daughter would love seeing this!

  3. I have uses this application before and my kids love it!thanks for the code!

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