How Would You Build the Ultimate #ManCave?

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Best Buy Co, Inc.When we were house shopping, one of the selling points for the house that we ultimately bought was having an extra room to turn into a man cave. For my husband, at least – personally, I was rather taken with the turret. I’ve always wanted a house with a turret. While our Man Cave has been a work-in-progress, Best Buy has come up with a variety of Man Cave ideas that are sure to motivate my husband! They have some great DIY tech ideas for just about any interest, from gamers to sports fans and even a robot fight club! Check out their 6 Tech Ideas for the Ultimate Man Cave – there are articles, videos, and some inspiring before & after pictures. Curious as to what sort of inspiration you’ll find? Here’s the list:
Best Buy Co, Inc.

  1. Build a PC Gaming Station
  2. Set up a Sports Alert Light Show
  3. Sit Closer to the Action with 4K Ultra HD
  4. Customize a Kegerator with 3D printing tap
  5. Add a smart putting green
  6. Create a robot fight club


While my husband enjoys watching sports and would definitely not turn down a 4K Ultra HD TV, the PC Gaming Station is what really got his attention – and mine, as both of us enjoy video games. (There’s no rule that the wife can’t hang out in the Man Cave, right? Right?) He’s also the King of Multitaskers – he can be watching a movie and playing a video game at the same time while also chatting with me, and is able to follow all three topics without missing a thing. (Me, I lose my train of thought if I hear a loud noise outside). So a triple monitor battlestation is an ideal setup for him. And of course if you’re going to have that kind of setup, he’ll need a gaming computer capable of displaying graphics in all their glory. Plus all the applicable accessories – headset, keyboard, mouse, backlighting, and relevant décor.

Man Cave GIF 2 Large

So far, we have a couple of decorations (a plush Sackboy and an arcade joystick lightswitch cover), and that’s about it. The rest of the room has been used as a dumping ground for “storage stuff” since we moved in. But I get the feeling that’s about to change now that my husband has been inspired by this and the other tech ideas – especially since Christmas is coming. I have a feeling that there’s going to be a Best Buy shopping trip in the near future… I don’t know if I should hide the Best Buy credit card, or take the opportunity to upgrade my own computer while he’s outfitting his Man Cave!

Best Buy Co, Inc.

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