Holiday Shopping Savings: Up to 80% off at Gymboree through 11/02!

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Here’s a GREAT way to save some money on your holiday shopping – through November 2nd, you can get 40% off everything, including markdowns, for savings up to 80% at Gymboree AND 40% off dressy styles and up to 60% off new markdowns at Crazy 8!

I was super-excited when I first discovered that Gymboree now has a The World of Eric Carle™ clothing collection. I’ve loved Eric Carle’s books since I was little, and my 1-year-old has already loved his first copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to death. And guess what? The Eric Carle collection is INCLUDED in the 40% off sale! The absolutely adorable jammies are normally priced at $26.95, but right now you can grab ’em for just $11.99! Sizes start at 6-12 months and go all the way up through 6T. (There are also Eric Carle-themed t-shirts available in both ruffles and baseball-style shirts!)

Is it wrong that I’m almost 40 years old, and I practically jumped up and down when I discovered that the Very Hungry Caterpillar pajamas (and the giraffe ones too) are available in GROWN-UP SIZES?! (If it is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right!) Regularly priced at $42.95, the adult sizes are ALSO 40% off, so you can grab your own set for just $25.77! Sizes go from XS to 2XL.

In my family, we have a tradition of opening one present each on Christmas Eve (right before we go outside and sprinkle “reindeer food” on the lawn, just to make extra certain that the sleigh stops at our house). How much fun would it be if the Christmas Eve presents were Eric Carle themed jammies? I only have one kid who’s still a size 6T or smaller, but if you have a houseful of little ones, just picture it – the baby in Hungry Caterpillar jammies, a preschooler in the elephant jammies with the ABC-style bottoms, mom also in the Hungry Caterpillar style (because that’s her favorite Eric Carle book too)…

I can’t see my teenage sons or my 6’8 husband agreeing to wear these adorable pajamas (spoil sports!), but my 1-year-old and I will be wearing matching Hungry Caterpillar jammies on Christmas morning this year! (And my two youngest kids will find some more Gymboree clothes wrapped up under the tree for them – there are a lot of great shirts and pants available for under $10 with this sale!)

Check out some of my favorites from the Eric Carle collection!

And if you love classically styled children's clothing, make sure you check out the new arrivals and Janie & Jack!

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