He’s a Rocket Man

I love the totally random conversations I get into with my kids. There was a discussion of how much babysitting is appropriate for a 16-year-old to handle, and what hourly rate a 16-year-old should receive for babysitting his siblings when money is really tight, and this conversation ensued:

Me: Yeah, in a couple more years I can have you babysit while I take my weekend trips to Tahiti!
Jayson: You can do that now, I don’t mind.
Me: I know, but right now you have homework and stuff, so we’ll have to get a backup babysitter for my weekend jaunts. It sucks, because I totally had plans to go to the Caribbean this weekend.
Jayson: Were you going to take the private jet?
Me: Psht, of course. Like I’m going to ride in a commercial airliner with all the peasants and their germs. Yeah, I’m taking the private jet down to Miami to pick up the yacht at the harbor and then go island hopping.
Jayson: The forty-footer?
Me: Yeah, the bigger yacht is harbored in San Francisco, remember?
Jayson: That sucks, because I had plans this weekend too.
Me: Sorry ‘bout your luck, there.
Jayson: Yeah, I was gonna take the rocket ship to Mars.
Me: I guess you’ll have to do that the weekend after.
Jayson: I can’t, that’s the weekend I was going to expand into different galaxies.
Me: Well, just stop off at Mars on your way out of the galaxy.
All said completely straight-faced in a totally normal conversational tone… I have the most awesome kids ever!

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