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Let me put this out there up front: I am NOT an experienced hairstyling tools user. (I know, you guys who’ve been reading my blog for a while are shocked, huh?) And that’s probably the most impressive aspect of the Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener I was sent to review – even I was able to use it effectively!


My hair is naturally pretty straight, but also tends to frizz out pretty badly, and I was curious if a flat iron would make my hair look smoother and sleeker than usual. Turns out, yes! This flat iron has 1.25″ ceramic plates that heat up really quickly (about 2 minutes for the highest setting), with tourmaline technology that both protects your hair while increasing silkiness and shininess. You can adjust the temperature to your own preference, anywhere from 140 degrees all the way up to 450 degrees F.


Both the temperature control dial and the on/off switch are located “inside” the flat iron (the side with the plates rather than the outside), which works out well because then you can’t bump the settings or accidentally shut it off while you’re using it. The width is great for any length of hair – I have long hair (about to my shoulder blades), but with shorter sections from when I made the mistake of getting layers. I also have bangs, and I could even use this flat iron on those (and I didn’t even scorch my forehead!)


The iron slides over my hair very smoothly without catching or pulling. I’m not proficient enough to be able to accomplish this yet (I tried, but failed miserably), but you can also use this flat iron not only to straighten your hair but also to add curls and flips. I tried to flip the ends of my hair under – it kind of worked, but my technique isn’t smooth enough yet to really achieve the desired outcome. For someone who’s already experienced using a flat iron, though, I’d bet you could do some super cute hair styles with this flat iron!


I also noticed that there’s a great texture on the handles, almost like treads – it’s comfortable to hold, but the texture makes it a lot less likely that it will slip out of your hands because there are little grooves to keep your grip. The cord is really long, too (about 8 feet, I’m guessing), and swivels at the base of the iron so you don’t get tangled up. AND it comes with a very pretty red satin drawstring carrying case that’s lined with a black fleece-like material inside – very cushiony so it doesn’t get bumped around and damaged.


I did try to get before and after pictures of how the straightener worked for me, but between the lighting in my bathroom and my bad leg, I wasn’t able to get clear images. I’ll try to add pictures to this post if my husband can get a couple of good before and afters (I have to tell you, though, while he’s good at a lot of things, a photographer he is not!) I’ll tell you, though, my hair appeared much smoother after doing even a quick pass over it with this flat iron. It also smoothed out the “ponytail bump,” which is good to know. I wear my hair pulled back in a scrunchy most of the time, and of course that leaves a dent – the next time I want to wear my hair down after having it pulled back, I can just run the straightener over it and ta-da, no more ponytail dent!


Gurin offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee: If you’re not happy with it, ship it back and they’ll refund your money.

You can purchase the Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener on Amazon (Prime eligible) for $18.95 at the time of this posting.

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  1. I have not use a iron or hair dryer on my hair in so many years. I have thought about it though. I have lost some of my curl with the length.

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