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If you have kiddos on the autism spectrum, holiday shopping for them can sometimes be challenging. Finding gifts that are not just age appropriate but also developmentally appropriate while also being interesting to the child can be an exercise in frustration for parents. My nine-year-old son, Braeden, enjoys playing with his one-year-old brother’s toys. Yet Braeden can also read and write at a third grade level (if not higher), and can zoom through a third grade math worksheet in under a minute. (If he’s in the mood for math, that is). So what do you get for the kid whose interests and abilities vary between toddler-level items all the way up to elementary/middle school activities?

National Autism Resources has put together this great gift guide to help parents like me find gifts and stocking stuffers that are both interesting and beneficial to our kids. Whether you’re focusing on sensory products, products to help develop fine motor skills or assist in learning social skills, or are looking for visually stunning gifts to make your child’s eyes light up in wonder, you’ll find something your child will love in this gift guide!

Braeden still struggles with the concept of time, so the 3” Time Timer will make a perfect stocking stuffer for him. (He doesn’t like candy – really! – so I always struggle to find smaller gifts that I can stuff his stocking with while I’m putting chocolate Santas into the other children’s stockings). And the Deluxe Jellyfish Lamp – oh my gosh, I want one of those for ME! Check out all the fun below – and you can save 5% on your order by using code Boombox through the end of the year!


National Autism Gift Guide

  1. The Original Tangle: This is the original toy that started a best selling product line. This large size version comes has different colors and textures making it one of the ultimate sensory play toys. Kids love watching the smooth and fluid motions and cannot get enough of this one. The large size helps older students that need an engaging two hand activity, but it’s great for younger ones as well. This is a must have. Click here!
  2. Pencil Grips: The ergonomic design helps guide your child’s fingers into the proper position. With a comfy and ergonomic design, this is a must have for students this year. Buy them here.
  3. Deluxe Jellyfish Lamp: This amazing gift will give you all of the wonder and relaxing feelings of a saltwater aquarium but with no upkeep or maintenance. Watch as the two Jellyfish glide through the water while the LED lights let them change colors. This is a best selling gift and one everyone will love! See it here.
  4. 3” Time Timer: Great for students who need help understanding the passage of time. The 3” time timer is the perfect accessory to take back to school. The highly visual design will help make understanding the abstract theory of time much easier. Find it here.
  5. The Laser Stars Projector: When your child or the lucky recipient turns the laser stars on at night. They’ll lay back in bed and watch as a gorgeous galaxy of stars lights up their ceiling with the occasional shooting star flying by. With both holographic and laser technology, this light show is one that your child will never get tired of. Click here to watch a video of Laser Stars in action.
  6. Spiky Gloves: Although the glove may look scary, your kids will love the soft and stretchy spiky glove. Your child will love wearing it, especially when combined with handwriting for increased proprioceptive input and deep pressure. This is another must-have gift for back to school. Click here.
  7. Cyclone Pinwheel Lightshow: Watch your kids eyes light up while this dazzling pinwheel spins to create an amazing light show. Complete with a small speaker, your child will never want to put down this gorgeous light show with fireworks sounds. Click here to see a video and watch how it works. See it here.
  8. Ooey Gooey Octopus: This is the ideal gift for kids over 3 years old. It’s stretchy fun to help with fine motors manipulation and tactile exploration. Great for a stocking stuffer or as a gift on it’s own.
  9. The Blunders Game: Your kids will have fun while learning about social skills. Watch as they act out social situations, answer questions (both true/false and multiple choice) while learning about table and telephone manners, school etiquette and more. Buy it here.
  10. Finger Paint Sensations: Complete with ten tactile textures to add to the colors, the finger paint sensations kit is a great way to have fun while exploring new textures and creating art. Find it here.
  11. Reverse Charades: In this fun game your child will work with their team to act out as many words as possible while one kid tries to guess what they are. This is a ton of fun that never gets old and a great spin on a classic game. Click here to buy Reverse Charades.


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