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I was compensated for this post by Bing Rewards. All opinions are my own.
I really don’t know what I did before the days of Internet searches. I don’t know about you, but I’m searching for something multiple times a day – that song lyric that I can’t quite remember, a recipe to make before those eggs go bad, how to get peanut butter stains out of clothing, whether or not moms are legally allowed to go on strike…

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As it turns out, I can actually get REWARDED for all those online searches! I just signed up for Bing Rewards, where I’m earning credits for the searches I do every day anyway. It’s completely free to sign up, and there are a bunch of different things I can redeem my credits for – gift cards, sweepstakes entries, or I can even redeem credits for charitable donations!


Earning credits is really easy – all I have to do is search every day, which I do anyway (so why not get rewarded for it, right?) As a new member, I can earn up to 15 credits a day for searching on my computer, and up to another 10 credits a day when I do searches on my phone. There are also bonus opportunities for extra credits – I get 20 bonus credits when I sign in with my existing Microsoft account (including my Xbox account), and I can earn up to 500 credits by inviting my friends.


If I decide to redeem my credits for gift cards, there are a lot of options available – Amazon, Burger King, Game Stop, Domino’s, iTunes, and lots more. If I’m feeling altruistic, I can use my credits to support organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Kids in Need Foundation, or even help my school earn Surface bundles.


Or I can use my credits to enter one of the sweepstakes that the Bing Rewards team launches every couple of months – there are four great sweepstakes going on through March 2, 2015! Bing Rewards members can redeem credits for an entry for a chance to win one of three $500 Sephora Gift Cards or one of three $500 Game Stop Gift Cards (my husband and sons would be overwhelmed with joy if I won $500 for us to spend at Game Stop!) There’s also a sweepstakes to win one of three blazing fast Surface Pro 3 tablets or one of three Limited Edition Call of Duty ®: Advanced Warfare Bundles!


So if you’d like to get rewarded for the searches you do every day too, make sure you check out Bing Rewards!

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