Geek Fuel: Launch Unboxing!

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You may remember me telling you last month about a brand-new subscription box service, Geek Fuel. They were running a Kickstarter campaign to get their service up and running. And happy news, they were fully funded (and THEN some!)
Geek Fuel Team Image
They sent me one of their exclusive Launch Boxes (*squeee!*) to check out – and I was so impressed by its contents that I went ahead and purchased a one-year subscription! So now I’ll be able to share with you each month’s box of goodies. And you just barely have time to get in on the very first box, the December box, if you sign up right now! Rates start as low as $13.90/month (when you purchase a one-year subscription, plus $6/month S&H). To purchase just a single month, if you want to get a feel for the service before committing to a full year, is $17.90 + $6 S&H. (So there are some significant savings if you purchase a full year – and since I loved the box I received so much, that’s why I went with a one-year subscription).

Geek Fuel Kickstarter Image

So here are the goodies that came in my special Geek Fuel box:
Here’s the box. The promise of Geeky Goodness Inside would taunt me, except for that I’ve already opened the box prior to taking these pictures, because I’m bad at patience.

See? I’m already wearing my Geek Fuel t-shirt.

Here’s the Launch Issue of Geek Fuel. This little ‘zine gives more information about the products and companies featured in the box, plus other information that’s interesting to the geek crowd. My favorite feature? The Ultimate Geek Gift Guide, with 17 awesome must-have products which include Atomic Coffee, the Illustrated Geek Cookbook, an R2-D2 dress (thank you for remembering the geek girls!), a Star Trek USB Communicator, and a Hoverboard!

There’s also a product information card AND an adorable little Geek Fuel sticker! (I’m patiently waiting for my plushie Geek Fuel buddy! I don’t even know if that’s a thing, but I hope it is, because this little guy is so stinkin’ cute!)

Limited Edition Alpha Geek Fuel Graphic Tee
By Geek Fuel Armory
Check it out – it’s numbered and everything! How’s that for an exclusive limited edition t-shirt?!

Star Wars PEZ Candy
By PEZ Candy Inc
There were seven possibilities for which Star Wars PEZ dispenser would be included – R2-D2 was my randomly selected companion. I’m saving him as a stocking-stuffer for my 14-year-old son. Or my husband. I haven’t decided yet who the lucky recipient will be. (Neither of them really follow my blog, so it’s safe to discuss stocking stuffers here).

Eye of Sauron Poster
By Kitchen Overlord
I’ve been working towards a sunflower theme for my kitchen (I love sunflowers and daisies, and my husband proposed to me at a field of sunflowers – sort of). However, I have no issues mixing up themes, so this geeky poster is now part of my kitchen décor. (I have not yet tried the recipe, but plan to soon – probably with some minor modifications like something different to wash it down with).

Armor Hunters #1
By Valiant
This is the first issue of Valiant’s crossover event, ARMOR HUNTERS, which showcases an elite team of hunters charged with searching and eliminating the X-O Manowar armor. This issue has an exclusive chrome cover – it’s hard to tell in the picture, but the inside of the covers (front and back) are both shiny AND textured!

Halo Alpha Mega Bloks Minifigure Mystery Pack
By Mega Bloks
Another stocking stuffer (this one for my 18-year-old son, so I don’t know which of the 8 possible figures I received. My son is a big Halo fan, so he’s sure to love it, no matter which figure is hiding inside!

The Princess Bride Playing Cards Deck
By Albino Dragon
How do I love these cards? Let me count the ways… one, they’re Princess Bride themed. Two, they come in a fancy little maroon velvet drawstring bag. Three, years ago, I carried my D&D dice in an almost identical bag, so nostalgia. Four, the company who designed these cards has an entire line of licensed releases, including The Goonies and Call of Cthulu! Five, the little details on the cards and on the box itself – like the image of a six-fingered glove on the flap.

As I mentioned, I bought a full year’s subscription based on the strength of the Geek Fuel Launch Box. (Okay, it was mostly the Princess Bride cards, but still – living in a household full of geeks, even if there’s an item that doesn’t exactly float my boat, there’s always a kid or a husband who’ll love that item). You can sign up for your own Geek Fuel subscription – options are 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions. The price goes down the longer of a subscription you sign up for. And you get a mystery item with a 6-month subscription… and THREE mystery items with a 12-month subscription! (Which may have also been an added impetus to my purchase of the full year of Geek Fuel).

Sign up for your subscription here!

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