Fergus Ferry: Ferry Good Books for Kids (#Giveaway ends 4/29)


My 3-year-old son, Taylor, absolutely adores the Fergus Ferry books. Fergus Ferry is a collection of enjoyable stories for kids aged 2 to 6. The hero is a young and lovable ferry named Fergus. The stories take the little ones on Fergus’ adventures, as he goes about his life in the Sydney Harbour. As young as he might be, he is very brave and extremely helpful. Kids also meet other fun characters like the wary Captain Joe (he shows Fergus where to go); the prim and proper Lady Jane (who used to operate the Circular Quay to Manly run, but now she’s a restaurant); the brave and devoted Tess the rescue helicopter; and tough and strong Boris and Horace, the Circular Quay to Manly service ferries – and so many more!

Fergus helps children understand the actual meaning of values and thoughtfulness. Stories have a wonderful way of finding their way into the minds and hearts of kids. The Fergus books are a great gift idea for birthdays too!

Fortunately the publisher, Snowball Press, has something for each type of parent – the ones who are technology loving as well as the ones who like the traditional storybooks. Available as an app, an app book, a series of animated videos online, a series soon to be featured on Amazon Prime TV and in box sets, Fergus is a household name.

For those who prefer videos, you can watch the animated series online. Different episodes have been uploaded on YouTube, for kids to delight in. Watch the amazingly cute visuals and enjoy. The adventures are just a click away! Even the theme song is catchy – it brings a smile to Taylor’s face every time I queue up the Fergus videos on YouTube for him.



Taylor has the full set of Fergus the Ferry books (there are four fleets/boxed sets, containing a total of twenty-four books), and is also a fan of the iPad app. The Fergus Ferry app contains all 24 Fergus books in read-to-me or read-it-myself formats! There’s also a great game to play where you get to drive Fergus around Seaport Harbour, do rescues, scare sharks and avoid crashes. Plus there’s an interactive harbour to explore!


We’ve been reading the Fergus books for about a year now, since shortly before Taylor’s 2nd birthday (and last week was his 3rd birthday). One of his favorite things to do is to set up the “read-to-me” part of the app, and then follow along in the paper book. He’s already sight-reading quite a few words (and he knows the titles of all 24 books), largely thanks to Fergus. And as a typical cartoon-loving kid, he was thrilled when he found out that there are now animated Fergus videos to watch too!


And now they’re taking the app a step further and gearing up for the app book. Fergus is the gentlest of ferries, who knows what children like. The totally child friendly content can be accessed on iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle and when you want to go on an adventure with Fergus you can easily access him. The book app will be available in the middle of April.fergushero2

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“Chug, chug, chug–what’s that sound?”

It’s Fergus Ferry, telling you to make sure to enter for your chance to win a Fergus Ferry First Fleet book set as well as a $25 Amazon gift card! It might just become your child’s favourite collection of books – it certainly is for us!

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6 thoughts on “Fergus Ferry: Ferry Good Books for Kids (#Giveaway ends 4/29)

  1. We love Fergus! I did not know there was videos now.

  2. My grandchildren love Fergus, and would love these cute storybooks.

  3. Love it and so does Connor, my three yr old grandson.

  4. My grandchildren enjoy this and thanks for sharing with us

  5. We love Fergus! I did not know there was videos now. Just brought them up for my son!

  6. My three year old grandson would also enjoy having these great storybooks read to him. And I would have so much fun reading them to him.

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