Escape the Cold #Giveaway Event (ends 1/26)

What’s the temperature like where you’re at? Here in northern Michigan, we’re currently sitting at a balmy 2 degrees. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to head somewhere warm for a while? One lucky reader is going to win this amazing prize pack to escape the cold! Keep reading to learn more and then enter to win below!

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Welcome to the Escape the Cold Flash Giveaway Event, hosted by Dixieland Reviews and Co-Hosted by Golden State Mom, Southern Mom Loves, Nelle Creations, Susie QPons, Giveaway Bandit, Imperfect Women, Mom at 40, Libby’s Library, and Swanky Point of View
This event is sponsored by Our World Travel where you can get cash back on every booking!!

1- Hilton Honors Hotel Gift Card arv: $400
1- Delta Airlines Gift Card- arv: $600
1- Set of Heys America Designer Luggage- $460
Total Value of all Prizes is  $1460.  There will be ONE winner who will get ALL three prizes!

Winner will be notified via an email from so please make sure we are in your safe list, so the notification email doesn’t go to your spam folder! Winner will have 24 hours from the time on the email to respond, if no response is received, winner will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be chosen. Winners are responsible for any taxes. Participating bloggers are not responsible for shipment of prizes. Event will begin on 1-12-15 at 7 pm and will end on 1-26-15 at 11:59 pm. All times are Eastern Standard Time.  This event is open Worldwide except where prohibited by law. Winners will be announced on our Winners Page.  By entering this giveaway, you agree to the terms and conditions. This event is in no way sponsored nor is it in conjunction with Facebook or any other social media channel. 

Entry is super simple! Just follow the instructions on the Giveaway Tool below! Good Luck!!

86 thoughts on “Escape the Cold #Giveaway Event (ends 1/26)

  1. I would fly to Florida to visit my daughter.

  2. Texas to see family.

  3. somewhere warm and sunny 🙂

  4. I would go to Rincon, Puerto Rico. No passport needed, US Currency accepted, and I have a friend who lives there AND it is gorgeous.

  5. I would definitely go to California!

  6. California

  7. Southwest Florida 🙂

  8. I’d love to go back to Hawaii

  9. I would go to Florida to visit friends and family.

  10. I would go to Cozumel.

  11. I would fly to Northern Wisconsin to see family & friends. I know it’s cold but I haven’t been to visit in a long time. Thank-you for this generous chance!

  12. I’d go to Florida! Nice and warm there!

  13. Hawaii

  14. a warm beach destination!

  15. I’m still thinking Cozumel:)

  16. somewhere warm. Probably St Thomas.

  17. fly to Ireland fly to Ireland

  18. Jamaica!

  19. I would fly to Ireland

  20. I would fly off to Hawaii

  21. I would go somewhere — anywhere really — warm!

  22. Chicago:)

  23. Chicago! We love the cold but live where it is warm. So yes we are the weird ones who fly towards the snow!

  24. I would fly off to las vegas.

  25. I would go to Phoenix. It is warm and we might possibly be thinking about moving there. Would love to check it out!

  26. To mexico to see my inlaws

  27. id fly to wyoming

  28. I would go to either Vegas with my husband or fly my mom to San Diego.

  29. Disney world

  30. I would go to Calgary to visit my grandson.

  31. I want to go to Florida!

  32. I want to go to Tennessee and see my grandkids.

  33. I would go somewhere warm with a beach! Brrrr

  34. It was -9 here on the walk to school this morning. I’m so sick of winter already! I’d go someplace warm where I can stick my toes in the hot sand and sip umbrella drinks.

  35. Cozumel!

  36. If I were the LUCKY winner, I would either fly off to Hawaii or to Florida.

  37. If I were to win I’d fly off to Hawai’i.

  38. I would fuse it towards airfare for my kids and my wife to go to disneyworld or disneyland

  39. Myrtle Beach!

  40. I would love to fly anywhere where there is sun and nice warm beaches…

  41. I’d fly to Hawaii.

  42. California

  43. Bermuda

  44. Vegas!

  45. If I won, I would fly off to sunny San Diego, California.

  46. I would like to go to Maine

  47. To California to surprise our parents.

  48. maybe Tennessee to see my friend or Oklahoma to see family

  49. Home

  50. I would fly to New York for Broadway Shows, shopping and museums!

  51. I would like to fly to a sunny, warm beach – these cold days have been brutal!

  52. Orlando!

  53. Florida Keys for me!

  54. I would fly somewhere warm.

  55. anywhere warm

  56. I would go to NC to visit family!

  57. I would love to go to Hawaii with my hubby

  58. I’ll fly to Hong Kong.

  59. I’d fly to Hawaii.

  60. I would love to fly off to Las Vegas!

  61. My hubby and I would go to the Caribbean! It’s sad when 30 degree weather feels warm in Northern PA!

  62. I would go to vegas!

  63. Vegas , Bc or Hawaii ! 😀 I just want to travel ! 😀

  64. I’d go to Vegas to see my brother

  65. Miami, FL

  66. I would fly back home to Vancouver Island, BC

  67. I’m not positive where I would go. Boston or San Diego are probably the top choices.

  68. disney world!!!

  69. I would fly to Florida and escape this -30 weather we have going on here!

  70. I would fly to Vegas.

  71. I would love to go to New York.

  72. I would love to fly away to California to see my friend and enjoy the warm weather!

  73. I’d fly off to New Zealand

  74. I’d use this toward my trip to Italy in the fall!

  75. I would fly to the Dominican republic

  76. I would fly to California-I have a sister in San Diego.

  77. I would fly to Disney World! My 5 yr old has been begging to go.

  78. I would fly to Nashville to visit my daughter & grand-babies!

  79. I would fly to Florida for a family getaway!

  80. if i were to win i would fly off to hawai with my family for a good 5 days vacation.

  81. I would fly off to Florida to celebrate our 25 year anniversary. This is where we went on our honeymoon~ Thanks for the chance!

  82. Disney World for sure!

  83. I would fly to the Riviera Maya

  84. I’d take off for Costa Rica!

  85. I would fly to California

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