Our #DisneySide @Home Unbirthday Party!


My oldest son, Jayson, has a unique birthday. He was born on Leap Day in 1996. I joke that it saves me LOADS of money, since I only have to throw him a party and buy him presents once every four years. Really, though, he gets a birthday celebration every year just like any other kid; we typically just choose whatever Saturday is closest to February 28th/March 1st.

20140122_185225This year, March 1st fell on a Saturday, so the timing worked out perfectly for his birthday. Even better, I was selected to be a #DisneySide @Home Celebration Host, so we received a complimentary package chock full of Disney party goodness. I thought a Disney theme was perfect, since many of Jayson’s parties over the years have been Disney themed, and because this birthday was technically his 4½th birthday (falling exactly halfway between his fourth birthday in 2012 and his upcoming fifth birthday in 2016) – even though he’s now 18 years old. (My kid is a great sport when it comes to me having fun with his unusual birth date – it’s my reward for the hours of induced labor I went through to bring him into the world). In keeping with the Disney theme and Jayson’s missing birthday, we decided to call this celebration “Jayson’s Unbirthday.”

20140301_184635We scheduled the Unbirthday Party for Saturday, March 1st. We’d originally invited more people than would probably have fit comfortably in the kids’ playroom, but our northern Michigan weather decided to “help us out” by throwing a snowstorm at us the day of the party, preventing several guests who were planning on coming from out of town from attending. We will now be eating leftover cake for the next week. (That’s not a complaint).

The party kit had a lot of great items – included were (among other things, all packaged in an awesome American Tourister suitcase): balloons; sparkly swirly decorations; cups, plates, and napkins; a tablecloth; Mickey-n-Minnie posters to share with our guests; “The Chew” measuring cups; cookie cutters; Mickey Mouse cupcake papers; and lots of HP photo paper to print out and share our memories. I used some of the photo paper to print out pictures of Jayson through the years, since this was such a major milestone birthday. The rest of the photo paper was given to our guests so they can print out pictures of the party that I uploaded to a private online photo album.

Using the contents of our party kit as inspiration, I made up some Disney themed favor bags for the kids. Included were a Disney/ESPN bumper sticker, a Muppets Most Wanted postcard, a Disney bracelet, a Mickey Mouse sticker, a Goofy temporary tattoo, some Disney branded treats, and a glowstick “party clapper” that I thought resembled Mickey’s gloves.

Here’s our “snacks and treats and goodies” table, and our helium filled balloons (which the kids had a GREAT time chasing around the house):

I also found mouse ears for the kids to wear – even the older kids cooperated.


(That’s the birthday boy himself there in the “Meh.” t-shirt).

We were even able to have a cake remarkably similar to Jayson’s early birthday cakes (Winnie-the-Pooh was our theme for both his first and second birthday).

While things didn’t go as planned (what ever does in life?), the kids (and grown-ups!) had a great time – many thanks to Disney and the other party pack sponsors for helping us celebrate Jayson’s Unbirthday in #DisneySide style!



5 thoughts on “Our #DisneySide @Home Unbirthday Party!

  1. Very cute! I can’t imagine my daughter turning 18! She is getting ready to turn 3!

  2. What a great idea, can you believe I’ve never thought about what leap year babies do for their birthdays? (and/or 1/2 birthdays)

  3. How fun! So creative!

  4. My sis-in-law is a leap baby too. It’s fun to wish her a happy 12th birthday when she’s like fifty.

  5. Parties at home are always the best

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