Cleaning Cheats: If It #SmellsClean, It’s Close Enough to For-Real Clean… Right?

I have a confession to make. Sometimes – not always, but sometimes – I cheat at cleaning. And that includes cleaning the kids. There was one morning not too long ago that I realized my 9-year-old son’s clothing smelled a little… musty. And it was two minutes until the bus … Continue reading

#PriorityChef Julienne Peeler #Review (& An Easy Julienned Veggies #Recipe)

Sometimes it can be a real trick to get your kids to eat their vegetables. There are a lot of ways to hide veggies in “normal” food (“normal” = not made of vegetables, at least according to my husband and 13-year-old son). Usually those sneaky tactics involve shredding up veggies … Continue reading

You Want Me to Put WHAT on my Eyelashes?! (But It Works!): A #Review of Sheer Cover Makeup

I learned something today… well, re-learned something today. I am not good at being a girl. I received some makeup products to review courtesy of Modern Mom and Sheer Cover Studio. And I’ll admit that when I opened up the box, I didn’t know what a couple of the items … Continue reading

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