Reliving my Childhood with Bo-Po Nail Polish: Review & #Giveaway (ends 7/07)

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Bo-Po GiveawayI was an 80’s kid. I was born in 1976, so I was the right age to catch most of the 80’s toy fads – Atari, Cabbage Patch Kids, Pound Puppies, Garbage Pail Kids cards, NES, Gameboys, Teddy Ruxpin (I hated that demonic story-telling bear, but my little sister adored him), Lite-Brite, Super Soakers, – and Tinkerbell Bo-Po (Brush On – Peel Off) nail polish.

I loved that nail polish when I was a little girl. It appealed to both my girly-girl and my tomboy sides – first I could paint my fingernails and make them look pretty, and then I could peel it off in much the same way that you could let Elmer’s glue dry on your skin and then peel it off. (I can’t be the only one who thought that was cool). Only the nail polish was even better than the glue, because it would come off in one satisfyingly solid chunk of color.

My childhood recently came rushing back to me when I received a package from Worx Toys containing two bottles of Bo-Po brush on peel off nail polish!

PolishPackageIf you also played with Tinkerbell Bo-Po nail polish as a kid, this is not the exact same product from your fond childhood memories. Bo-Po nail polish has been updated to meet current strict safety standards. They also improved the drying time to under one minute (this is the “to the touch” drying time – to fully dry takes 3-5 minutes), added a vanilla scent, and designed a spill-proof bottle.

Since this is a kid-friendly, peel-off, non-toxic nail polish, it doesn’t brush on as smoothly as grown-up nail polish – the consistency is a little bit thicker. But as you can see from the pictures, it smooths out as you brush it on and looks just like any other nail polish – until it’s time to take it off!

Bo-Po Nail Polish in Emerald

Bo-Po Nail Polish in Emerald.

The polish was dry to the touch in less than a minute, which is AWESOME – since this is meant for kids and kids are notoriously squirmy, they’re not going to want to sit around for ten or twenty minutes waiting for their nail polish to dry.

Since the colors I received were pink and green (aka Bubble Gum and Emerald), I decided to try to get all fancy-schmancy and do a watermelon design on my nails.

First I painted on the Bubble Gum Bo-Po nail polish.

Bo-Po Nail Polish in Bubble Gum.

Bo-Po Nail Polish in Bubble Gum.

I waited about 3 minutes and then applied a “rind” of Emerald Bo-Po nail polish and “seeds” from a different (grown-up) brand of nail polish.

Bo-Po Watermelon Fingernails.

Bo-Po Watermelon Fingernails.

Let me disclose that I am in no way an expert nail polish applier – I paint my nails maybe twice a year. With four kids, I just don’t have the time to let regular nail polish fully dry, and I end up smudging it almost every time. And then it’s such a pain to remove – being able to just peel off my nail polish is much better than having to scrub my nails with a cotton ball soaked in foul-smelling nail polish remover. Bo-Po isn’t a replacement for adult nail polish, but even as an adult it’s definitely fun to have on hand for if you just want a fast-drying nail polish that you can wear for a few hours and then peel off!

The grown-up polish took a while to dry, but since the Bo-Po polish was underneath it, it came right off with the Bo-Po polish when I peeled it away, with no need for nail polish remover. This was with just one coat of nail polish, which is pretty awesome – since it’s a little thicker, you don’t need to apply a second coat.

Check out how fast and easy it is to peel this nail polish off!

Another neat fact: If you’re careful when you peel the polish off, you can reapply it. I pulled the watermelon off my thumbnail and then, in the interests of science, tried putting the same piece of polish on my other thumbnail. Lo and behold, it worked! It stuck well enough that I could flap my hand around (I often get funny looks from my kids, so their reaction to this behavior was nothing new) and the nail polish stayed on – and then peeled off easier than the first time. I’ve actually stuck this back to my nail several times now and it still sticks down snugly. I’m not sure if there’s a practical use for this information, but it’s fun nonetheless. (And could make for an interesting science experiment with older kids to figure out what makes it peelable and restickable).

It looks a little crinkly around the edges from being peeled off my left thumbnail and then re-stuck to my right thumbnail (to be fair, I didn’t remove it or reapply it carefully, either), but honestly, it looks a LOT better than the results I often get painting the nails on my right hand (I’m right-handed, so using my left hand to paint my right hand’s fingernails usually results in a lot of mess-ups).

In addition to peeling it off, plain old soap and water will remove it too (so if you get some on your skin or on the table, it’ll wash right off). This child-friendly non-toxic nail polish is meant for children three and up. Also in the interests of science, I painted my desk, as odds are good that whatever surface a child uses when painting her nails (or his nails, we’re not gender-biased here) is going to get at least a little nail polish on it, even with the spill proof bottle. After a few minutes of drying time, all I had to do was scrape it up with the edge of my fingernail and it came right off – I didn’t even have to scrub it with soap and water.

There are seven solid colors (Cloudy Day (blue), Emerald (green), Grape Soda (purple), OMG (red), Razzmatazz (light pink), Bubble Gum (hot pink), and Day Camp (yellow)) as well as three tints (Pinkie Swear – pink, Sweet Dreams – green, and Cotton Candy – light blue). Each bottle retails for $3.99. Bo-Po also offers Color-Change lip balm in two flavors (Mango and Ice Cream) ($2.99 each or both for $4.99).

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Bo-Po nail polish ($3.99) is available online at and select specialty retailers.

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One lucky reader is going to win a 2-pack of Bo-Po Brush On Peel Off Nail Polish, just like the package I received! (Random colors). Enter to win using the Giveaway Tools widget below- good luck!


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34 thoughts on “Reliving my Childhood with Bo-Po Nail Polish: Review & #Giveaway (ends 7/07)

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