Autism Adventure #827: Potty Time (Grown-up Edition)

AutismAdventure-DoorAlarmElopement is a very scary part of autism. Especially when your nine-year-old son with autism is strong and clever and has Houdini-like escape skills but NO sense of traffic safety. And the people who drive past your house seem to think that the posted 25 mph speed limit is only a suggestion that they don’t really have to pay attention to.

When one is home alone (alone = no other adults) with the kids, it is necessary to secure all possible exits from the house (including windows) before visiting the restroom. Deadbolts? Check. Door alarm? Check. Door to laundry room (which has an unsecured “venting” window) closed and locked? Check.

Ten minutes of security precautions for a two-minute bathroom trip. *sigh*

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