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From the Amazon Listing:
Dash Cam, AUSDOM Car DVR Dash Cam for vehicles AD118, 1080FHD Resolution, Auto Record Motion Detection – Traffic Video Camera, Vehicle Dashboard Road Camcorder Perfect for Recording Car Collisions

  • CAR DASHBOARD RECORDER WITH WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE; thus preventing overload exposure and under exposure to deliver clear imagery and also identify complex scenes.
  • WIDE VIEWING ANGLE; to ensure that everything will be accurately recorded in the event of a collision or any dispute with a passenger.
  • 1080FHD RESOLUTION; as such, all your recordings will have crystal-clear details, providing the best performance known to the industry.
  • MOTION DETECTION; the camera will start recording automatically when motion is detected, hence capturing the critical moments before a potential or actual collision.
  • LOOP-CYCLE RECORDING; when the SD card gets full, the camera will override old recordings, replacing them with new ones. You’ll never risk not to having the DVR record key moments due to full memory!


Are you in search of an effective way to constantly monitor your car in the event of a collision? Want to make sure that you’re following all driving rules?
Then look no further than the Ausdom Car DVR Dash Cams.
We’ve got a DVR cam for each of your car video recording needs. With sizes ranging from 80 x 68 x 25mm to 48 x 104 x 23mm, you can find the perfect camera for your particular vehicle and get all precaution measures you need for your own safety.
Providing an outstanding wide dynamic range, these cams can prevent overload exposure and under exposure to deliver clear imagery and also identify complex scenes. The wide viewing angle ensures that you’ll capture as much of the scene as possible, whilst the convenient f/2.4 offers 2.4 frames per second for undiluted video recording.
Thanks to the motion detector, the Ausdom Car DVR Dash Cam will start recording automatically when any kind of motion is sensed, capturing the critical moments before a potential or actual collision. Loop-cycle recording provides a convenient solution to manually deleting old recordings to free up space for new ones – the cam overrides old recordings when the SD card is full, so it can run continuously.
That’s not all! Other features you can get when choosing Ausdom are:
Full HD resolution: 1920X1080px.
Small, thin and lightweight cams.
Clearly identify any complex scenes.
Auto power off when there’s no motion.
Multilingual interface.

My Review:

This was my first time ever setting up and using a dash cam, and I found it quite easy to do. It’s basically plug-n-play, although I did have to track down an SD card, as that’s not included with the camera. It comes with both a sticky-tape dash mount and a suction cup attachment, so you have your choice of where to put it. I used the suction cup, which has a locking feature that makes it very secure – I didn’t even wash the windshield or get the suction cup wet before mounting, and it still stayed stuck to the window even when driving over cobblestones. The camera lens swivels back and forth with a little ridged dial on the side, and the display, while small, is quite clear. Also included are an extra-long USB cord and a cigarette lighter adapter, so you don’t have *have* to have the camera fully charged before you take it out for a test ride.


Once you turn the camera on, the interface is really intuitive. There are four buttons below the display – in rest mode, the first one contains all the menu options, the second one takes you to a folder of saved images/videos, the third one takes a still shot, and the fourth one starts the camera recording. There are a lot of features, options, and settings to play with in the menu screen, everything from the standard date/time set and stamp to adjusting the white balance, color, exposure, ISO, etc. In record mode, the first button is “SOS” which will lock protect the section of video it’s currently on (so that the looping doesn’t overwrite the file). The second button turns the microphone off or on, the third button zooms in and out, and the fourth button stops the recording.


When trying to review the dash cam footage on my computer, I couldn’t get my computer to “see” the camera, but I just popped out the SD card and accessed the files that way. The recording is smooth and the video resolution is really good – if I were ever involved in an incident and needed to use the camera footage it would be completely possible to do so, as I could clearly read street signs and license plate numbers when playing back the recording. My only wish is that it would automatically save the recording in the event of an accident instead of someone needing to hold down the SOS button to save the file – but overall, for the price and quality of the video recordings, I’m definitely a fan of this camera.

7 thoughts on “AUSDOM AD118 Dash Cam #Review

  1. any help gratefully received i have just purchased the Ausdom AD118. As soon as i power it on, it starts recording. Every time, it records for several seconds – sometimes 10-15, others for upto about a minute.
    I cannot understand the instructions. Is there a setting I need to adjust – i have it on the 10 minute loop which i assumed meant it would record start to over-recored anything older than 10 minutes – or does it save small chunks of a few seconds upto a combined 10 minutes then start to over-record the oldest ones.##It has a 32GB SD card in.-

  2. I just bough this camera, but I can not play recorded parts, unless I remove the card and play o laptop. Is this normal or it is faulty

    • Do you mean you can’t play it back on the dash cam itself, or that you have to remove the card to view the files on a computer? I can play the videos back on the camera itself just fine (video and audio), but I’m not sure if I could play back on my computer without removing the card. (I had to steal the card from my regular camera to test the dash cam, since I didn’t have a spare SD card, so when I needed to download the video I just left the dash cam in my car and popped the card out to transfer the files to my computer). Probably your best bet is to contact the seller through your order page and check with them.

      • Yes, I can not play it back on the dash cam itself, and also when it is plugged on pc I have to remove micro sd card and watch on pc. I have contacted the seller and they did say it should playback video on the dash cam, and they will send manual. I thought playing back it is simply by just pressing play. Is there any trick I should know to playback? Thanks for respond

        • No tricks really – to replay the video on mine, I turn the camera on and push the second button to take me to the playback menu… then I can use the two middle buttons to scroll back and forth through the saved clips, and the far right button is the “OK” button to start the playback. What happens when you turn the camera on and press the second button (mine has a box with a “play” icon/right facing arrow inside it)?

          • I have the same buttons, and last night i thought i try something different. I pressed play button where I highligted the video, but holded for few seconds and it worked, because only this way it brings the sign for play. The other thing, I had problem when pluged on PC, I could not play videos or see folder , I had to take Micro sd card out and through adapter play on Pc. But this time, I used another cable(not supplied by seller) much better quality and it worked. So now I do not have to take Micro SD card out at all. When I pluged on Pc it showed big storage folder and I could play videos without having to remove card.

          • Awesome, I’m glad you got it figured out! I haven’t tried connecting the camera directly to my computer, I’ve just moved the SD card back and forth, so thanks for the tip on the cable!

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